Thursday, November 28, 2013

Clarasonic only $99!!

clarasonic's never go one sale, so when i went onto Sephora online and saw it was only $99, i about flipped.
i already have one but everyone should jump on this now!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Go onto this website and they have a list off all makeup and skincare black friday and cyber monday sales!

i looked at all of them and im so excited!

(Dr.Brandt 40% off total is going on now!!)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Sephora Eyeliner Essentials! ($28)

This kit is $28 and you get 3 full sized eyeliners and 2 deluxe samples!
FUll sized are: Nars Via Vento, Too Faced 3 way && Urban Decay Black and Brown 24/7 glide on liners.

(left to right) Nars, Urban decay black, Urban decay brown, Too faced thick way, Too faced thin way, Stila waterproof, and then makeup forever waterproof crayon. 

1.Nars Black Pencil eyeliner in Via Vento

This eyeliner is a twist up,so no need to sharpen and lose product! this is very black and creamy! and i was excited this was full sized! full sized is $25!
so just right there your getting a good deal for the kit!

2. Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners
 These are so creamy and the black is very black and the brown has some gold glitter in it! which i love glitter, haha. I would use these more of a base for a shadow just because there really creamy and i would probably rub them off if i used them in the inner rims of my eyes!

3. Too Faced 3 way eyeliner

This eyeliner is full sized and i love to use liquid eyeliner on the top to get a good cat eye. This one is crazy because you can make it really thick my pushing the 3 lines together, OR you can turn it sideways and go really thin! and its very effortless to do both way! i got this kit just because of this eyeliner!

4. Stila waterproof liquid eyeliner

 this eyeliner is VERY black and the felt tip is AMMMAAZZZING! it literally can do the finest point or thin cat eyeliner! and its waterproof, and it lives up to that because i usually cant get it off my hand haha. its amazing, but it is a smaller size but i feel like this will last forever!

5. Make Up For Ever Aqua eyes black liner
 This eyeliner seems small but literally i have 2 of these and i cant use them all up! they last forever! and its waterproof, so i love to use this inner rim of my eye because its waterproof and it will stay all day! this is the only eyeliner i put in the inner rim!

Overall: this is an amazing kit! i love to try different eyeliners, so this is perfect for me! and i love that its liquid eyeliner and pencil! i will probably not have to buy another eyeliner for a couple years! and i love how 3 are full sized! its an amazing deal for all these for only $28! i think this is a good x-mas gift too! and we've had these out for about a month already! so if you want this i would say go to sephora and get it asap before there gone!