Thursday, August 29, 2013

Best And Worst High-End Eyeshadow Primers!

Same pictures, just one with names of primers!
 ^^^ as you can see i used the same color eyeshadow (cop a teal, by too faced) for all the primers, and you can tell that each blue looks different. thats because the quality of the primers! 
This is after i tried to wash them off my arm, i was surprised to see that these certain ones wouldn't come off! so good primers, because the stuck that eyeshadow to my arm haha
from right to left: Urban decay, Nars, Too faced shadow insurance, lorac, and then mac

1) Benefit "Stay Don't Stray"

< product

< blended out 
This primer comes in a tube that has a doe foot applicator. Which is good to get the right amount of product on to the lids. I already went through a full sized one, and this one in the pictures is just a sample size i got in a set. 
But the reason why i love this is because it has a skin color to it. So if you have veins in your lids and darker colors on your lids, this will help to make it all one color and give you a clean base to apply eyeshadows. Also, this is a very thin formula that you don't ned much! i love this stuff! And another plus to this primer, is that you can use it under your eyes! as a primer for your concealer! so the concealer wont settle into the lines! 
this product is an overall amazing product, because of its multi-use and the quality is amazing!

This also comes in light and medium!

2) Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

This primer does not come in this contanier anymore because more then half the product would get stuck in the curves of the tube! so that have chaged it to this....

But this eye primer is good, but the only thing i don't like about it is that is doesn't give me a color. I like to have a primer that has color to cover the veins in my eyelids and i think it just makes my eyeshadow look better. But if you don't have veins or discoloration in your lids, then this will be good for you! because it does do a good job in keeping your eyeshadow in place! 

3) Nars Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

 < product

< blended out
This primer i got in my Sephora 500 point perk gift. But I'm glad i choose this set with this in it! because it works amazing! it does live up to its name as smudge proof! because when i went to wash this off this stuck on to my arm! it does hold on to the eyeshadows you apply on to it, and its not too thick or too thin! even thought this doesn't give me a color, this is one clear primer i love!

4) Too Faced Shadow Insurance

< product 

<blended out 
This primer i didn't like so much, i think it was just too thin, and it didn't have a color. i felt like it was very slippery, like almost to much silicone in the product. But it does hold your eyeshadow and work well for that. But for me its just more then holding my eyeshadow, i need to have the right texture and this was just too thin!
BUT a lot of people do love this primer, so give it a try, i know they have smaller travel sizes. i just didn't like it personally!

5) Lorac Behind the Scene Eye Primer

 < product

< blended out

This primer i LOVE, it so thick when you apply it! i love that about this product. It does have a little color so it will create a sheer base for your lids. Its so thick, which mkes me think it will hold eyeshadows better (idk if thats true, thats just what i think in my head haha) but with this primer you dont have to use alot, so this will last a long time! so thats always a plus!

6) MAC Paint Pot in "soft ochre"

 < Product

<blended out

the reason why i love this so much is because its a pure color primer, it covers everything and gives my eyelids a smooth flawless look! which makes me more focused on my crease and out corner. This is so amazing, and literally keeps my eyeshadows on all day, and just as bright as the eyeshadows were when i put them on in the morning! Soft Ochre is for more of the people how have a yellow based skin tone, whereas Painterly Is a paint pot and is more of a pink skin tone color! so you choose which one is best for you1 but i know a lot of people that swear by this, so thats why i had to try it! and i freakin love this stuff! i choose this everyday over the rest of the primers!

this is one of my MUST HAVES! 
Soft ochre: CLICK HERE
Painterly: click here!

7) Too Faced Shadow Insurance in "candle light"

 < product

<blended out

This primer is very different then the rest because its a gold primer. This primer is made to make your eyeshadows more pigmented and more glittery! so when i do a crazy glittery eye or want the glitter to stand out more i use this product! it really does make any eyeshadow more BAMMM! so thats why i love this. but i wouldn't wear this everyday because i don't do glitter eyeshadow everday. But if you do then this is perfect! because it does make shimmery eyeshadows more pigmented! 

$20.00 click here to see it!

click here!

So overall: 
my favorite in order.
1. MAC soft ochre
2. Benefit Stay don't stray
3. Lorac Behind the scene primer
4. Too faced Candle light primer

Ones i didn't like, but will still use. in order
1. Nars Eye primer
2. Urban decay primer potion
3. Too Faced shadow insurance 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lipstick && Lipgloss Dupes!

So as i was sitting at my makeup desk for 2 hours i only found 3 dupes! i didn't realize how hard finding dupes where! its like i would think they looked alike and when i swatched them and viewed them in the sunlight, they were COMPLETELY different!
so here are the three, an i will try to dupes for blushes/ bronzers this week!

1) Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in #69 and Dupe is Wet N' Wild Matte Lipstick in "Red Velvet"

Top Swatch is Urban Decay.

Bottom swatch is Wet N Wild.

So these are both matte red lipsticks. They both are a true red, but the wet n wild on is a little darker, but you cant really tell! The wet N wild lipstick is only $1.99! and the urban Decay Lipstick is $22! (i have a sample one from my Ipsy bag, that why its so small!)
They both give a matte finish, both creamy, the only real difference is that the Urban Decay one gives your lips moisture all day, where as the Wet N Wild one can dry up within hours!

2) Macs Viva La Glam Lady GaGa 2. Dupe is Revlon Lip butter in Creme Brulee'

Top swatch is GAGA and bottom is Creme brulee'

These are both nude lipsticks, and the gaga one by mac is more of a creamy lipstick. Whereas, the lip butter is more of a thick butter lipstick. They both are the same color! just have different textures! And i actually prefer the lip butter texture because its more moisturizing to the lips, and last longer on the lips!
Gaga 2 lipstick is $15.00 (all money goes towards AIDS foundation)
Revlon Lip Butter is about $6.99-7.99!

3) Sephora ultra-shine lipgloss in "14", Dupe is Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in "042 belini"

Top swatch is Sephora 14.
bottom swatch is revlon 042

Okay, so these two are a VERY nude lipgloss! they both do have a peach undertone, so its not completely brown/nude. They are the same texture, thick lipgloss, and same color! like 100%
the only thing thats different is the smell. The Sephora lipgloss smells like flowers and the Revlon has no smell!

Sephora ultra-shine lipgloss is $14.00
Revlon is $7.99!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Favorite Eyeshadow Pigments!

Pigment eyeshadows are loose, and they way to apply them is to get any FLAT brush and spray it with ether water, or a setting spray. That will make the pigment hold on to the brush and apply on you eye lids better. When you apply it pat the pigment on, DO NOT SWIPE ON. you will have it all over your face! 
i love pigment eyeshadows because they give a more pigment, and more glitter look!

1. MICA Beauty Pigment in "72 Earth"

 This pigment is a very thin pigment, it Isn't chunky or have glitter in it. But when you apply it to the eye lid it gives off such a pretty white/Champagne color with a prefect pearlescent sheen. but no glitter in this.
i love to use this on my lid, because it gives off a natural look.
i got this in my Ipsy bag, but you can buy it "HERE" for $14.95

2. Sephora Pigment in "no6"

This pigment is very intense and can be very messy! but i love this when i do a all black smokey eye! it gives it a way more intense look and the shimmer and glitter in this is AMAZING! it has all sorts of different colored glitter, which makes any eye look dramatic and intenseness! i love this and if you love smokey eyes, pt this on top and you'll have the best smokey eye ever!!

And i looked everywhere on Sephora online, and they don't even have this anymore! i guess they stopped making pigments! :(

3. Salty Cosmetics pigment in "Glama-ZOID"

This pigment is the craziest pigment or even eyeshaodw i have! it looks white but when you put it on your lids it looks like holographic! each angle can pull off a different color! sometimes it looks white, other it looks like a neon pink, or neon purple! i freaking love this because you never know what your gonna get! with this you gotta have a simple eye look and simple lip because it will be everyone distraction, because its so pretty! if you love to do crazy eye looks or want something different, GET THIS!

And i got this in my Ipsy bag as well, and i think they made this color just for the Ipsy Bag, but I'm sure there is similar colors on their site!
click here!


4. Mac pigment in "Gift O' Glamour"

This pigment is a rose gold color, and goes on quite pigmented! i love to use this on my lid, or on top of a brown smokey eye to give it a different kind of look! Its not so much glittery, but its just a pearl sheen that it gives to your eyes!

5. Mac Pigment in "Reflects Gold"

Now this pigment is crazzyyyy! its pretty much just gold glitter haha. but thats why i love it! i dont have to pack a bunch on to get a glitter look, i can honestly do on application and it will look amazing! this is when i want a very dramatic gold look, because when this is on your eyes its very intense! so if you love gold and glitter, you need this!

6. Mac Pigment in "Gilded Green"

when i don't want a brown eye, i always go to a green eye, because it makes my eye pop out! and when i do a green eye i always pick this pigment to go on my lid! it gives the green look some a pretty sheen, and makes it look like a pro did it! i love this because its not glittery its just a beautiful green and makes your eyes look so pearlescent! so if you like green eyeshadow looks get this!

7. Mac Pigment in "Most Darling"

This pigment is a medium/dark brown. i love to pat this on top of a dark brown smokey eye because it gives it dimension! instead of just flat brown it gives it a 3d effect and the sheen on this is amazing! it has no glitter but gives your eyes a very brown/gold reflect!

8. Mac Pigment in "Gold Mode"

And lastly, this gold pigment is NOT similar to "reflects gold" at all! i know there both gold but this one is nota glitter what so ever! it gives your eyes a gold sheen and looks amazing! so when i don't want a glitter look i apply this one! and it still gives off an amazing gold look!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


 Before we get into the reviews, i wanted to let you guys know that i only swatched 5 colors that i thought would be pretty. I couldn't swatch every eyeshadow it would take forever, and forever to get off me! Also, it just happen that all the palettes I'm talking about are on SALE! so if you read my reviews and like them, please get them now! you wont regret buying them!

1. WARM palette

 This palette has 88 eyeshaodws. It has all different kinds on eyeshadows! Matte, shimmer, glitter, frosty and sheens. This palette goes from whites, cream colors, greens, purples, browns, to blacks. This is the perfect palette for people who want warm color (usually have warm skin tones) and want different colors! none of the color are neon or to bright, which is what i like because its like a everyday palettes. Its amazing for traveling becsue i can just take this and come up with so many different looks! The pigmentation of these eyeshadows are amazing! i could compare them to the quality of MAC eyeshadows, LORAC eyeshadows, and the Naked palettes! they give great color pay off, don't have that much fall out( all eyeshadows have some fall out), feel creamy, and blend out amazing!!!!
so if you like neutral eyes, get this palette! and theres some pop of colors so give you a night eye look!


2. 26 Eyeshadow/ Blush palette


okay this palette i bought because of the blushes! i mean i love eyeshadows and it came with pretty blushes!
the color of the eyeshadows are amazing! they have a rose gold, gold, and peach color that i LOVE! the eyeshadow quality is amazing! creamy, and very pigmented!
now for the blushes, there are 5. The lightest one i use as a highlight color because its a very pale pink, that i don't think anyone can wear as a blush. As for the others they are so pretty! the go from a light pink to a very intense purple blush! each one is very creamy and is heaven to blend! they are very pigmented so i always use a light hand with them! so if you want eyeshadows and new blushes get this palette because they both are great quality!



This is actually the first palette i bought from Coastal scents because it was all browns, and i love my neutral browns!!! i wear it everyday! so i knew i couldn't go wrong with this palette!
there is a lot of mattes which i love because the light browns i put into my crease. Then there is some really dark browns that are matte and i love to use them for brown smokey eyes and outer corner of my eyes. It also has whites  for your highightes. This is my favorite of the palettes just because it has a lot f different neutrals and a lot of matte eyeshadows, and they eyeshadows are bigger and last longer!