Sunday, June 30, 2013

Big lots haul!

So I went to big lots in Redlands and I always find good stuff there! 
They always have drugstore makeup for super cheap! And there's nothing wrong with the makeup it's just places are over stoked and it ends up at big lots. 

Revlon moonshine lipsticks
 they had about 4 different shades that were mostly reds and darker pinks. But these lipstick are amazing! They're creamy an have shine in it, which will look good on anyone. At rite aid or Walgreens the lipsticks are $6-$8 and at biglots they were $2!! 

SOHO London makeup brushes
 when I saw these makeup brushes I was so surprised! These are about $8-$20 at drugstores and they were only $2-$4 at biglots. I got the blush brush and the blending brush and these are very good quality brushes and will do your eyeshadow amazing. I already own about 3 brushes by them and a makeup sponge that I bought full price! 

Physician formula Bronzers
they had piles an piles of there pressed bronzers with SPF 50 in them. I already have 3 that I bought from there. There amazing! I bought light, medium, and dark. And they had all those shades there still! they have a little bit of glitter, but nothing to tacky or big glitters! And the SPF 50 is good so when you go into the sun the bronzer will protect you and make you look bronzed! 

Physician baked eyeshadow
 I have 2 of these! And the meaning of baked means you can use them dry or wet! I like to use them with a wet makeup brush (spray with Mac fix plus setting spray) and they come out EXTREMELY pigmented and the last a long time! 

Revlon brow enhancer
 I bought this so ill let you guys know how I like it!!!but one side is a colored pencil/gel like stuff and the other is a highlighter that is so bright its amazing color!

Loreal eyeshadow quad
i own a lot of these that i depoted into a bigger palette. But these eyeshadows are great quality! when its shimmery, its shimmery you don't have to pack it on to get the color it is in the pan. And the best part i love is the mattes! that brown in that quad, i have as a single eyeshadow and i use it almost everyday for my outer corner. its very pigmented and so easy to blend out!

Everything else in the pictures that I didn't write about it's because I don't own then! But I bet there great products! And for way cheaper! Why not try em! So hopefully you guys go down to the the Redlands big lots and get stuff!!! The Yucaipa one isn't that good!

   Stuff I didnt write about, that are in the pictures!
Almay Smart Shade Foundation
Physician Formula Organic Wear loose powder
Almay Bright eyes liner/ highlighter

This is from my phone so hopefully it looks good and everything is spelled right! Haha

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Review: on Too faced "Sweet Indulgences" set

First Top Row

Second Row

Third Row

Fourth Row

Highlight- candelight glow

Too Faced Sweet Indulgences Kit

So this palette, or set i should say, is by Too Faced Cosmetics you can find this brand at Sephora, Ulta, or There website.
This kit was limited edition but you can still find it on Ebay! 1:Set on Ebay

(Yes on ebay there WAAYYY more expensive, but thats because it was limited edition)

This set includes: 16 eyeshadows, 2 Blushes, 2 Bronzers, 1 highlighter, 1 eyelid primer, and a too faced brush

-each eyeshadow on this kit is very unique. They might be like other colors you may have but they the most prettiest glitters in them. They are all VERY pigmented, so no need to keep packing it on to your lid. And they are all creamy and go on even better the mac eyeshadows!

In the buff: Matte white (highlight)
Peach fuzz: peach color with amazing gold glitter in it
Marshmallow: very frosty, shimmery white 
Lovey Dovey: medium brown with lots of shimmery, but no glitter
Copper Peony: shimmery copper gold color
Teddy bear: Matte medium brown
Gum drop: shimmery light pink
Malted Milk Ball: Shimmery greyish brown color
Satin Sheets: Shimmery light pink/pearl color
Nice Stems!: Shimmery light green color (my favorite)
Nice Ash!: a medium shimmery grey color 
Cherry Cola: medium dark brick brown color with pink glitter!
Honeymoon: Shimmery yellow color
Pastille: dark shimmery green color with silver glitter
Cop a Teal: shimmery frosty teal color
Black Sugar: dark black, but with colorful glitter in it!

This set comes with 2 blushes, they both are creamy an take very little to show on on your cheeks! 

La Vie Em Rose: a very true pink blush, with a little frost to it. But nothing to shimmery or frosty

Papa Don't Peach: a medium toned Peach color, with again a little frost to it but very wearable! 

These two Bronzer and very hard to see on medium skin tones, like me. So i recommend these bronzers for light to light-medium skin tones!

Exclusive Bronzer: Darkest out of the 2 bronzers, have a gold shimmery tone to it, but very pretty!

Sun Bunny Light: the lightest bronzer and this one is just a gold bronzer which would only look good on very pale people! 


Candlelight Glow is a very shimmery frosty white/pearl color that is used to highlight your face. to use this you would put it on top of your cheekbones above your blush, but not to high up under your eyes. You can also wear this on the bridge of your nose and on the cupids bow to make your lips look bigger. i love this stuff because its not to pigmented so you wont have to put a bunch on, the little you put on will make your face glowey and amazing!

EyelidPrimer && Brush:

-the eyelid primer is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer which a lot of people like, and this is a full sized tube!, but personally i don't like it because i like to have a colored base and this primer is a clear type of gel.
-The brush is amazing which isn't in my picture, but its a flat shader brush and is excellent for putting on all these glittery and shimmery eyeshadows! 

I love this set and i use it daily for the eyeshadows, if i want a pop of color, or to use the blushes and highlighter. Everything in this set is high quality and very creamy and pigmented! this will last e forever to use all of it up, so i say its worth the money! i bought this for $50.00 but now its more expensive because they dont sell it at Sephora, Ulta, or the Too Faced website. If your willing to spend the extra money i say go for it! i love this palette and if i could repurchase it i would! 

Hope you Enjoyed this!
if you have any questions comment below! :) <3

Friday, June 28, 2013

How to: Brown Smokey eye with glitter (using Naked palettes)

Steps 1-4 ^^^^^

Steps 4-7 vvvvvv
Step 1: Apply Soft Ochre Paint Pot by MAC all Over lid as a primer.

Step 2: Take Naked with a Fluffy brush and blend it in your crease. 

step 3: Take Hot Chocolate or any dark matte brown with a tapered blending brush and concentrate just on the outer corner.

(after this step take a fluffy brush and blend the crease color and the out corner color to make it all blend together!)

Step 4: Take YDK from the Naked 2 palette, with a flat shader brush, and pat on, don't blend it on because glitter will get all on your under eye area. 

Step 5: take Foxy from Naked 2 palettes or any white matte, and apply in the highlight area (under your brow). 

step 6:apply Lorac liquid eyeliner

Step 7: apply your mascara!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review on Wet N Wild Matte lipsticks

 Wet N Wild maybe be one of the cheapest brand at the Drugstores but has the BEST lipsticks! Which many may not know!
  - colors I have are Red Velvet, Think Pink, & Just Peachy

Matte lipsticks: These come in 15 different shades all the way from nudes to bright reds and bright pinks. They are matte but NOT drying at all. Which some matte lipsticks tend to do like Macs Matte lipsticks.
These lipsticks are very pigmented so one swipe will give you the color! you might want to run your finger across your lips after applying it to make it look better too.

Overall: These lipsticks are AMAZING I would compare them to high-end lipsticks like Mac and other drugstore companies that are more expensive. Also, you cant beat the price of $1.99 and sometimes on sale for $1.29!

Naked VS Naked 2

Okay, so theres been a lot of talk about the Naked palette's by Urban Decay. Most say there kind of the same and its not worth to have both. But thats completely untrue. There are completely different!

Naked 1: I would say this is my favorite out of the 2. All the colors in this palette are warm toned colors. It consist of 2 matte brown( naked-light brown & buck-dark brown), and the rest shimmer colors. Which is why some people don't like it, because there are way more shimmers. but I don't mind it because all the colors are so bright and ammmaazing! I've had this palette for 2 1/2 years too!thats why the outside packaging is dirty haha. 

Naked 2: This palette does have a metal packaging, compared to the naked which is a velvet feeling. So that means it is durable and doesn't get dirty at all! 
- the colors in this palette are very COOL toned based, which means it will only look good on some people. Some of the colors may not be what they are in the palette when put on your eyelids. But you never know what may look good unless you try! Naked 2 consist of 3 matte shades(Foxy-highlight. Tease- light brown. Blackout- very dark black)
ad the rest are shimmery and VERY different. these shimmers have some greys(pistol & verve), and dark purple color(hustle)

Overall :
         I would say i love both palettes, but if i had to pick on i would go for the Naked 1, because all the colors will work on EVERYBODY! and i love the 2 light browns for my crease color. only downside is the packaging does get really dirty and the mirror is small. but overall Naked 1 Wins! :]

Favorite colors: 
   Naked 1: Virgin- shimmery highlight color
                     Sin- shimmery pale pink highlight
                     Naked- light brown crease color
                    Sidecar- shimmery pale pink with glitter
                   Smog- shimmery dark true brown

Naked 2:     Foxy- Matte White highlight
                   Half-baked- shimmery glittery gold (in naked 1 also)
                  Chopper- shimmery copper gold
                  Verve- shimmery silver
                 YDK- UNLIKE any other eyeshadows i have. pink shimmery color with             a little rusty look.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

YSL lipstick review

Right: #107

 Top: #108
Bottom: #107
Wanted to give you guys my review on the YSL Rouge Volupte' Perle Lipsticks.
Yeeessss they are very expensive at $34.00, but they are worth every penny!

In the pictures above it shows how amazing the packaging is, like come on its all gold and heavy duty. Not at all cheap packing. And some people buy the lipsticks just for the packing (which I can see why)

The type of lipstick these are is a very moisturizing, and sheer lipstick. You do need to put at least 2 coats to get the pigment to show on your lips. They last a few hours, but not at all a long-lasting lipstick without retouching all day. 

OVERALL: The lipsticks are great and I'm glad i bought them, but i don't think i will repurchase them just because there nothing THAT special and they expensive as hell. haha. BUT they are worth just to have once in your lifetime, so go ahead and splurge on these YSL lipsticks!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to: fill in eyebrows

okay, so this is how i do my eyebrows!
  1. first step- apply a clear gel to make all hairs stay in place, and to be in the shape desired. 
  2. second step- apply the Makeup Forever Waterproof gel shaper in light brown. I outline the bottom to a stright line and also to the top.
  3. third step- apply any light brown powder just to set everything so it wont move!

and THATS IT!! its easy and you get a perfect brow as the end result!

just remember you always want you have you eyebrows 2 shades lighter, and if your blonde 2 shades darker then your hair!

How to: use all of your lipstick!

This is a step by step on how i use my lipstick till the very END! when you think your lipstick is done there is a bunch still left after you reach the plastic part!

what i used was paint cups from Michael's that were $3.20, but you can use any kind on containers you want!
if you have any questions just ask!