Thursday, February 19, 2015

ipsy February bag!

It's so funny because after last months bag I went to go cancel my subscription eithIpsy. I have been with ipsy for a couple years now and just lately they haven't been good. So I went to the website logged in and I was in the page to cancel and everything, and for some reaso I got distracted and never cancels! Which I thought I did haha. But I'm glad I didn't because I love everything in this months bag! So here they are.... 

Cargo lipgloss. Mind you cargo used to be sold at sephora so it's a high end brand! This link gloss is perfect. It's like the same color as nars Turkish delight. Which is so popular. So I was happy about this to go on top of my nudes!

This is the NYX eyeliner in silver. It's so pretty and it has silver glitter in it! I'll for sure use this as a base to eyeshadow sir even all over my lid! 

This blush is by Model co. Never heard of them but this blush is in the color peach Bellini 02. It's a pretty peach with a hint of gold. It's a less dramatic version is orgasm by nars!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Orange bronzed step by step!

For this look I used the Sephors Pantone palette. But you can use any eyeshadow that are similar! 

Step 1: with a Morphe crease brush put Macaroon as my transition color ( the color to make everything blend well into)

Step 2: with s Mac #217 out chutney in crease and blended it out with same brush 

Step 3: placed Cocoa bear in outer corner with sephora smudge brush 

Step 4: blended that color out with a Smashbox blending brush 

Step 5: placed sephoras glitter primer all over lid 

Step 6: placed Macs pigment in melon all over that with a flat brush from coastal scents 

Step 7: used my Kat Vin D trooper eyeliner to do my wing (best eyeliner ever) 

Step 8: placed cocoa bear under lash line 

step 9: placed my eyelashes I got from eBay and that's it! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

January IPSY bag!

First is this houer lip treatment. It's supposed to plump up lips and take away wrinkles! Trying it now! We'll see how good this works...

Bellapierre pigment! Never heard of this brand but I love pigments. This one is. Light grey. 

Pacifica coconut eyeshadow. Don't know if it means it has coconut oil in it or what. But great neutral color. 

Elizabeth Mott all over eyeshadow brush. Just a kinda fluffy flat brush. You can never have to many brushes! 

Eco beauty moisturizer. 
Vegan and organic moisturized. I'm pretty strict in my skincare so who knows when I'll actually use this. Maybe a good traveling  moisturizer! 

Pictorial: glitter & brown smokey eye

-Using my Semi-Sweet Chocolate bar by Too Faced-

Step 1: primed my eyes with Mac Paint Pot in Soft Ochre 

Step 2: blended Mousse with a Mac #224 into crease

step 3: with a Sigma E25 took peanut butter and concentrated that into crease 

Step 4: With a Sephora Smudge brush took Truffled to place color in outer V

Step 5: blended that out with a Mac #217

Step 6: applied Stila Magnificent foil eyeshadow in kitten with my finger to entire lid.

Step 7: with Sephora smudge brush blended Truffled under lash line. 

Step 8: took Butter Pecan with a Coastal scents crease brush to pace in inner corner. 

Step 9: put on Stardell lashes in L747 and Nars Rue Bonaparte nude eyeliner in inner rim! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Obsessive compulsive cosmetics pencil essentials set

Unfortunately this set is limited edition but if you still get your hands on it the grab it! It was usually $45 and now on sale at sephora for $22! This set includes 6 liners that can be used to lip liners or eyeliners! These liners are like no others! They are not so creamy as compared to the urban decay lip pencils and will stay all day! Also, I find with these when your drawing your lip liner is a straight sharp line, compared to the urban decay pencils there's so creamy that they draw bigger liner then I want and not a straight edge to them. I wear these as liners, lip liners, or just fill in my lips completely with them and get a all day wearing lip! 
Best pencils ever and so happy I got them!:)