Monday, April 14, 2014

April IPSY bag!

This months bag is pretty good! The bag is huge, so it'll be perfect for my purse to keep random stuff in. Let's just get right into the bag! 

1) Big sexy hair volumizing mousse 
It's funny because I have a full sized of this product and I couldn't live without it! I put it on my roots before I blow dry my hair. It makes your roots feel kind or weird but once you blow dry it, it'll make your hair so full and volumizing! I've tried everything to get my hair volumeized as much as this does. And I just use this and it'll make it perfect. I literally couldn't live without this product now that I've used it for months. If you have flat hair this will change your hair completely and a little goes a long way. But everyone needs this stuff!

2) city color highlight and eyeshadow mousse

So when I first opened this I had no idea what it was. Because the texture was gross and I wouldn't put this on my eyes because it will crease. It also says that it's a highlighter as well. So I'll have to try it as a highlight to see how it wears. In the picture above it looks a lot like albatross highlighter from NARS. It's really gold. So I'll see how they compare! 

3) Catilyn tinted lip balm in apple pink

What I really like about this lip balm is that it comes with the brush to apply it! And it's the perfect brush too! It also is a really pretty color! It's a very natural pink. So I'm excited to try this! 

4) urban decay 24/7 glide on pencil in black velvet 

I soooooo needed one of these. And I was gonna buy one from my work so I can carry it in my purse. So I'm so excited I got this in my bag! It's a very black pencil that's waterproof. So it's perfect for my water line! And these eyeliners are well knowen because there so pigmented and stay all day! 

5) dr.brandt microdermabrasion 
At my work (sephora)  we only carry a few products by dr.brandt because were inside a jcp. So when I got this I was so excited because I've never tryed it or heard about it! I used to get microdermabrasion done to take away my acne scars. But it's so expensive considering you have to go 2 times a month, or even more. So I'm excited to try this and see if the crystals are the same as the crystals on the hose when you get the real dermabrasion done. 

I'm pretty happy with this bag! One of the best yet!!:)