Monday, December 29, 2014

sephora Pantone Facets of Marsala eyeshadow palette swatches!

The color of the year is Marsala! It's a beautiful warm tone brown. Every year sephora does a line based off the Pantone color of the year. Last years was orchid and I wasn't to crazy about it just because it's a hard color to pull off on eyes and face. That's why this year I'm so happy it's a neutral color! When I first saw this eyeshadow palette I knew I was going to buy it, then I swatches it and knew I had to have it. These eyeshadows are so creamy and super pigmented!! Here are the swatches of them....

Monday, November 10, 2014

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette!!

Its here!!!!! today i received my Smashbox double exposure palette from i saw it on Instagram as a sneak peek and flipped because i love the Smashbox full exposure palette an the masterclass 3 palette. So i ordered it the day it came on Sephora online. this palette is $52, it comes with a double ended brush and a full exposure mascara. i did some swatches but gonna do better ones tomorrow because the sun isn't out that much. I did swatches with the flash so here they are...

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette!!!

so I've been obbsessed with my Smashbox eyeshadow pallettes. i have the full exposure (two of them actually) and the Masterclass III palette. Both are absolutely amazing, they do have different textures in eyeshadow but both pigmented and blend amazing. So when i first saw the Double exposure i knew i had to have! i didn't even care what colors were in it, to be honest haha.
So today i bought it online because there is a 20% coupon for VIB ROUGE memebers. Since i work in a Sephora inside Jcpenney we don't get a discount at free standing sephora's because we have different systems, so whenever there is a discount from bigger sephora's i take advantage of it. I know were gonna take the double exposure in my sephora but i cant wait! ahah
ill post pictures and swatches when it comes in the mail!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Marshall's ( Dermablend and Kat Von D!?)

Okay so if you follow me on Instagram you already saw this, BUT still wanna log about it. I went to marshalls for a curling iron, cause mine broke :( , and I saw these.....

I about died when I saw the dermablend because I love the brand so much and they have amazing products! I got a green primer for redness, my redness is bad, and the body cover up. I'm gonna use it as foundation because it's very thin and super pigmented. also the best deal I got a three eyeliner set by Kat Von D for $6.99!!!! Yes 6.99. And we had this set at my work a while ago for lie $20! I bought all of them because christmas is right around the corner, haha. Here's a picture of the three different tips of the eyeliners. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My "natural" everyday eyeshadow

Used my Smahsbox Full exposure palette

1• put M3 in crease using my Mac #224 

2• put M1 into outer corner with coastal scents brush I got in my IPSY bag. 

3• blended it out with my Mac #217

4• put M7 in outer corner to deepen it up with same coastal scents brush 

5• blend out with Mac #217 

6• patted stila magnificent foil in kitten all over lid with finger 

7• applied regular liner with my KAT von d trooper 

8• blended M1 under lower lash line with coastal scents pencil brush 

9 applied my morphe eyelashes #WSP double staked! 

I know this is still dramatic for an everyday, but even on my days off I like to do my makeup and eyelashes! It's just me! Maybe some days I wouldn't do the black eyeshadow and just do the dark brown. Ethier way I love this look and pair it with any lip! Today I did this with a bright coral! 
Like this...... 
Nars matte lip pencil in bolero! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

September Ipsy Bag!

This month I didn't look at any of the sneak peeks for the products I was getting, so when I got them it's be a surprise. This is seriously the best bag I have got from them! I was so excited. 
Cute bag!

Crown brush double sides brush. 
I was so excited when I say this because I love crown brushes. I actually bought a whole brush kit from them! And I love the pencil one for detail or under the lash line! 
You can use this brush for creams too because they're synthetic! 

Mitchell and peach hand lotion 
I usually don't use hand lotions but since I use hand sanitizer at sephora after every client my hands are dry! So this came at the right time! 

Cailyn lipgloss 
I've had this brand in ipsy before and it's okay! This lipgloss is called love affair and it's a real fall color! But it is kind of sheer but I can put it on top of my kat Von d vampira! 

Pacficia eyeliner 
When I saw this I thought it was so random because I didn't know this brand did makeup! I thought they only did lotions and stuff. This color is like a grey silver. I'll only use it as a base for an eyeshadow. I usually stick to black or nude eyeliner! 

nourish Organic face wash
I love anything skincare, so I was so happy about this. I read the back and all the ingredients are really good for your face! The cucumber helps with redness and calming the skin. Gonna try it tonight! 

OVERALL: this bag was the best bag! Lately I haven't been impressed with the bags and thought about quiting my subscription but now I won't because this bag was amazing! Good job ipsy 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Too Faced Melted kisses kit!

(top to bottom: Berry, fuchsia, peony, and nude)

This is a sneak peek of the too faced melted Christmas set!
its $25 and you get all these colors! yes they are smaller then the full sized one, but a little goes a long way! so these will last forever!
i was so excited when i saw this because these stay on all day, do not dry out the lips and dont get the weird line that usual stains give you! these are amazing and the colors are amazing! becuase you get every color youll ever need!!

i dont know when these are going to be released, but ill let tyou guys know on my instagram!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review: Kate Somerville 360 tanning towelettes

I got one of these towelettes in my Gratis and I didn't use it because I was scared because it was a towelettes! I'm a pro when it comes to self tanner in a mousse,lotion, or spray form! Previous to working at Sephora I worked at tanning salons for about 3 years. So I know a lot about tanning and self tanners.
So last night I thought I'd give it a go, and if it turned out streaky I'd be okay since I'm off today. 
When I first opened the product I was surprised because the towel eye was white! I was expecting a brown towelettes and it didn't smell like usual self tanners. So next I read the instructions and it just said to rub it on in circles so I did that!
I only did my arms and chest for now. 
So this is a before...
(Sorry for the crappy shot I decided to do this blog last minute...literally) 

And AFTERS....

This tanning solution does get darker over time. I went to bed and woke up with the best tan ever! It's a great golden tan with NO STREAKS! which was surprising because I thought I would have a few just because you can't see the product when your putting it on! And no streaks even by my wrist, which is usually where you get bad streaks. 

OVERALL: I'm super impressed with these tanning towelettes and kate Somerville has amazing products anyways! The best part is I don't smell like self-tanner! Usually with every self tanning product you will smell like tanning solution intil you take a shower. So I'm so happy about that. Might by these because lord knows I'm pale as a ghost! Haha 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Make Up For Ever New Eyeshadows!

                    As many of you know Make up For Ever is a very high-end brand but has amazing products. They're most famous for their Hd Foundation and their Hd powder, but they never were really known for their eyeshadows. At my work we only had about 30 of their old eyeshadows. They literally got rid of all their eyeshadows and made completely new ones. These new eyeshadows are gel-powder. So not your regular powder eyeshaodws. Also, they are 88% pigment. Which means they are the color in the pan, and that color will be the exact same color on your eyelids. These are the best eyeshadows i have EVER used (i have MAC, all naked palettes, smashbox palettes,Tarte,and bunch of others).
They are effortless when it comes to blending them out.The colors,are freakin amazing. They came out with 210 different colors. From nudes, pinks, oranges, purples, and to neons. My store doesn't carry all 210 but we have a lot. 
The first day they came out i literally swatched all of them because i was so excited. 
PRICE: the price on these eyeshadows is kinda complocted. They do come in Pan form. which means they don't have a palettes, BUT the palette is only like $0.60-$1.
for one eyeshadow is $21, for one eyeshadow and the single palette its $22. For 2 eyeshadow in a 2 palette its $35. For 3 eyeshadows in a 3 eyeshadow palettes its $44. 
So which mean the best value is the 3, because your buying 2 and getting 1 free. which is what i have boughten. So lets take a look at the ones i have bought!

 (swatches below!)

 (swatches below)

Overall: These eyeshadows are amazing, i plan on getting most of them! no seriously haha. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August IPSY bag!

"Beauty Schooled"
 1. Urban Decay Perversion mascara
 This mascara is new and i wanted to try it, the only thing is that they didn't give a sample of the "subversion" which it the lash primer that makes this mascara so amazing. At work i have put this on a few clients and it makes there eyelashes so thick and long! so i was sad when they didn't give the primer in the bag:(

2. J. Cat eyeshadow
 This eyeshadow is a very light gold. it kind of reminds me of easy baked from urban decay. This eyeshadow is REALLY soft and creamy ( as you can tell from the swatch on the right) 

3. Klorane dry shampoo

 i love dry shampoo because i don't wash my hair everyday. this one is an all natural brand. so w will see how it compares to my others ones that i love!

4. Mongongo lip balm
you can never have too much Chapstick! so i was okay getting this in my bag because its all natural, and i seem to lose all my chapsticks anyways. 

5. Dr. brandt pores no more
Lastly, is the dr. brandt pores no more. i forgot to take a picture of this! :( 
so this i was so excited for because we sell this at my work. This is a makeup product and skincare in one! which is why its so popular. Its a primer to hold your foundation on longer as well as hide all your pores! but the unique thing about this is that it also will help your pore size the more you wear it! Dr. brandt also has a whole skincare line for pores that i have heard is amazing! so this was a good sample too! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

New Mac Goodies!

 Pressed Pigment in "blonde Streak"
 Mineralized blush in "Warm Soul"
 Mineralized skin finish in "Soft and Gentle"
 Lipstick in "Angel"

I Was out shopping today and saw these and fell in love. I Got these for a CCO. if you don't know what A CCO is it's a Cosmetic Company Outlet so stuff thats way over stoked or different Collections that are old they go here. I got all of this for only $69! that might seem a lot but if i was to go to an actual MAC store my total would of been a lot more. Lipstick $15 ( i got for $11) Mineralized skinfinish $32.00 ( i got mine for $21) Mineralized blush $27 9 i got mine for 17.50) and pressed pigment $21 ( i got mine for $14) 
the retail total would of been $100!
You can find CCO's in saks fifth avenue or google it!
they have everything from MAC, smashbox, bobbi brown, estee lauder, clinique, skincare, and fragrance! 

Also, i have AMAZING things about warm soul blush so i was so excited when i saw it there, as well as soft and gentle because i have heard so many people rave about it. For the pressed pigment i have seen amazing eyeshadow looks with these so I'm stoked to try them. Angel lipstick i believe was kim kardashian favorite so I'm excited to see if its a nude on me or a nude pink.