Saturday, November 1, 2014

Marshall's ( Dermablend and Kat Von D!?)

Okay so if you follow me on Instagram you already saw this, BUT still wanna log about it. I went to marshalls for a curling iron, cause mine broke :( , and I saw these.....

I about died when I saw the dermablend because I love the brand so much and they have amazing products! I got a green primer for redness, my redness is bad, and the body cover up. I'm gonna use it as foundation because it's very thin and super pigmented. also the best deal I got a three eyeliner set by Kat Von D for $6.99!!!! Yes 6.99. And we had this set at my work a while ago for lie $20! I bought all of them because christmas is right around the corner, haha. Here's a picture of the three different tips of the eyeliners.