Saturday, August 16, 2014

New Mac Goodies!

 Pressed Pigment in "blonde Streak"
 Mineralized blush in "Warm Soul"
 Mineralized skin finish in "Soft and Gentle"
 Lipstick in "Angel"

I Was out shopping today and saw these and fell in love. I Got these for a CCO. if you don't know what A CCO is it's a Cosmetic Company Outlet so stuff thats way over stoked or different Collections that are old they go here. I got all of this for only $69! that might seem a lot but if i was to go to an actual MAC store my total would of been a lot more. Lipstick $15 ( i got for $11) Mineralized skinfinish $32.00 ( i got mine for $21) Mineralized blush $27 9 i got mine for 17.50) and pressed pigment $21 ( i got mine for $14) 
the retail total would of been $100!
You can find CCO's in saks fifth avenue or google it!
they have everything from MAC, smashbox, bobbi brown, estee lauder, clinique, skincare, and fragrance! 

Also, i have AMAZING things about warm soul blush so i was so excited when i saw it there, as well as soft and gentle because i have heard so many people rave about it. For the pressed pigment i have seen amazing eyeshadow looks with these so I'm stoked to try them. Angel lipstick i believe was kim kardashian favorite so I'm excited to see if its a nude on me or a nude pink.