Friday, August 22, 2014

Make Up For Ever New Eyeshadows!

                    As many of you know Make up For Ever is a very high-end brand but has amazing products. They're most famous for their Hd Foundation and their Hd powder, but they never were really known for their eyeshadows. At my work we only had about 30 of their old eyeshadows. They literally got rid of all their eyeshadows and made completely new ones. These new eyeshadows are gel-powder. So not your regular powder eyeshaodws. Also, they are 88% pigment. Which means they are the color in the pan, and that color will be the exact same color on your eyelids. These are the best eyeshadows i have EVER used (i have MAC, all naked palettes, smashbox palettes,Tarte,and bunch of others).
They are effortless when it comes to blending them out.The colors,are freakin amazing. They came out with 210 different colors. From nudes, pinks, oranges, purples, and to neons. My store doesn't carry all 210 but we have a lot. 
The first day they came out i literally swatched all of them because i was so excited. 
PRICE: the price on these eyeshadows is kinda complocted. They do come in Pan form. which means they don't have a palettes, BUT the palette is only like $0.60-$1.
for one eyeshadow is $21, for one eyeshadow and the single palette its $22. For 2 eyeshadow in a 2 palette its $35. For 3 eyeshadows in a 3 eyeshadow palettes its $44. 
So which mean the best value is the 3, because your buying 2 and getting 1 free. which is what i have boughten. So lets take a look at the ones i have bought!

 (swatches below!)

 (swatches below)

Overall: These eyeshadows are amazing, i plan on getting most of them! no seriously haha.