Saturday, January 24, 2015

Orange bronzed step by step!

For this look I used the Sephors Pantone palette. But you can use any eyeshadow that are similar! 

Step 1: with a Morphe crease brush put Macaroon as my transition color ( the color to make everything blend well into)

Step 2: with s Mac #217 out chutney in crease and blended it out with same brush 

Step 3: placed Cocoa bear in outer corner with sephora smudge brush 

Step 4: blended that color out with a Smashbox blending brush 

Step 5: placed sephoras glitter primer all over lid 

Step 6: placed Macs pigment in melon all over that with a flat brush from coastal scents 

Step 7: used my Kat Vin D trooper eyeliner to do my wing (best eyeliner ever) 

Step 8: placed cocoa bear under lash line 

step 9: placed my eyelashes I got from eBay and that's it!