Sunday, June 30, 2013

Big lots haul!

So I went to big lots in Redlands and I always find good stuff there! 
They always have drugstore makeup for super cheap! And there's nothing wrong with the makeup it's just places are over stoked and it ends up at big lots. 

Revlon moonshine lipsticks
 they had about 4 different shades that were mostly reds and darker pinks. But these lipstick are amazing! They're creamy an have shine in it, which will look good on anyone. At rite aid or Walgreens the lipsticks are $6-$8 and at biglots they were $2!! 

SOHO London makeup brushes
 when I saw these makeup brushes I was so surprised! These are about $8-$20 at drugstores and they were only $2-$4 at biglots. I got the blush brush and the blending brush and these are very good quality brushes and will do your eyeshadow amazing. I already own about 3 brushes by them and a makeup sponge that I bought full price! 

Physician formula Bronzers
they had piles an piles of there pressed bronzers with SPF 50 in them. I already have 3 that I bought from there. There amazing! I bought light, medium, and dark. And they had all those shades there still! they have a little bit of glitter, but nothing to tacky or big glitters! And the SPF 50 is good so when you go into the sun the bronzer will protect you and make you look bronzed! 

Physician baked eyeshadow
 I have 2 of these! And the meaning of baked means you can use them dry or wet! I like to use them with a wet makeup brush (spray with Mac fix plus setting spray) and they come out EXTREMELY pigmented and the last a long time! 

Revlon brow enhancer
 I bought this so ill let you guys know how I like it!!!but one side is a colored pencil/gel like stuff and the other is a highlighter that is so bright its amazing color!

Loreal eyeshadow quad
i own a lot of these that i depoted into a bigger palette. But these eyeshadows are great quality! when its shimmery, its shimmery you don't have to pack it on to get the color it is in the pan. And the best part i love is the mattes! that brown in that quad, i have as a single eyeshadow and i use it almost everyday for my outer corner. its very pigmented and so easy to blend out!

Everything else in the pictures that I didn't write about it's because I don't own then! But I bet there great products! And for way cheaper! Why not try em! So hopefully you guys go down to the the Redlands big lots and get stuff!!! The Yucaipa one isn't that good!

   Stuff I didnt write about, that are in the pictures!
Almay Smart Shade Foundation
Physician Formula Organic Wear loose powder
Almay Bright eyes liner/ highlighter

This is from my phone so hopefully it looks good and everything is spelled right! Haha