Monday, July 1, 2013

How to: Acrylic nails at home!

These are the stuff you need. i bought the kiss French acrylic set. which comes with the acrylic powder,liquid,and fake nails. 

Picture #2: is nail polish remover and the brush to apply the acrylic stuff. ( you must put your brush into the remover after every nail, or your brush will get gross) 

Step 1: apply glue to the nail
Step 2: hold nail for 15-30 seconds on your nail to make sure its on there good.
Step 3: repeat to all nails, and you should end up what it looks on picture #3.
Step 4: file the square nails to the way you want ( i did short stiletto/almond shaped) repeat to all nails.
 The top 2 pictures are what your nails should look like after shaping them all.

Step 5: dip brush into the acrylic liquid (knock off a little at the tip of cup)
step 6: Put wet brush into the powder, and so a scoop up motion of the powder or else it'll stay in the jar and not work. 

Step 7: apply gel like stuff to a nail.
Step 8: smooth out from bottom to top of nail, while leaving a thicker coat to the bottom. 
((Repeat to all nails!))
top left: repeat to all nails.
Pic on the top right is just the finished result of all nails done. 

Step 9: re-shape nails because the acrylic can make it look a little bigger. Don't forget to file down the sides also. 

ANNNDD WERE DONE! all you gotta do is paint them with any nail polish! 

OVERALL:  this kit does work and it just like salon nails! I've bought this kit at rite-aid for $8.99 and I've bought it at Walgreens for $11.99. so go to rite-aid. but I've been doing my nails with this kit at home for about 6 months now! and they are just the same, and work and look amazing! so if you think you can do this, i say do it because its $8.99 and you can do your nails full sets alot you just gotta by more nails. but the powder and liquid will last you forever!!

practice make perfect, so your first time may be hard and not look as great (especially your right hand, if your right handed like me haha) but keep doing it, and the will be pro! 

comment if any questions!