Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Top Favorite Drugstore Foundations!

 1. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation 

-This foundation if a 3 in 1 which mean it says that it includes a primer, concealer, and foundation!



-Says all day flawless coverage, lasting power of a primer and coverage of a concealer and blend-ability of a foundation. 
I can say that all that is true! is medium to full coverage, depending on how many layers you do. if you want to cover something more, you can just apply a little more foundation on top of a imperfection and it will cover it very well! and it does last ALLDAY! the primer that is built in, really does help the longevity of the foundation. I bought mine at target for $9.79. 
This foundation has 14 shades, so you can definitely find your shade or very close to it!

OVERALL: this foundation is perfect for summer because you don't have to set it, because it has a primer built in. It has good coverage so no need to apply concealer on top of bemishes. I love it! 9/10 for me. the reason it not a 10 is because i wish it had a matte finish, because I'm oily!




-This foundation says to wear up to 24 hours, flawless look, and lightweight feel. Im not sure on the 24 hours because i haven't worn makeup for 24 hours straight ha. but the flawless look i do agree 100%! this will cover anything and everything and still look not to cakey, but will look flawless. They also have this foundation in 2 different types! one for combo/oily skin and for normal/ dry skin!
so it will work for any skin types! this also has 20 shades! which is amaing! you can find your shade no matter what!

-Combo/oily type has "Time Release Technology" so that it will control your oil on your face no not make you shiny.
-normal/dry type has "time Release Technology" that has moisturizing ingredients for dry skin!

$9.99 at target! 
10/10 for me because its full coverage, looks flawless, cheap, helps my oily skin (especially in summer) and has anyones shade!  




This foundation has the same claims as the previous foundation because its the same company and same line of makeup. Revlon made there "COLORSTAY" line which mean everything in that line is long lasting. and this foundation does that also!
Looks flawless with just one application, over hours of having it on it gets more flawless and more flawless! the whipped formula makes it super easy to blend and you don't use that much product! i love this stuff.

12 different shades!
at target at $10.79 
For a more extensive review i did a whole blog post on this foundation...

4. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

TOP is before
Bottom is after
This foundation is the perfect foundation to apply and just go. You don't have to set it because its a matte finish foundation, so ideal for oily skin people! but dry people can use this also. The color is a little dark for me right now but when i get super dark it works perfect! it gives the most soft, look and feeling to the face. The mousse consistency is easy to blend. 
Target has this for $6-$7
8/10 for me because its kind of hard to apply the mousse. and also that its a bulky packaging