Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wet N Wild Limited Edition "Spring Forward" 8 Pan Palette

Left row from Top to bottom                                 Right row from top to bottom

"Nude Awakening" 8 Pan Palette 
This palette is limited edition for the summer, so if you can get ahold of it, then do! people have said that this palette is similar to the naked palette. I will do a separate review on that! 
Each one of these eyeshadows are VERY pigmented, so you use only little eyeshadow! which means it'll last way longer! 
i found this and the other sets at Rite-Aid on Oak-glen and Bryant. 

This is what the display looks like. There is only 2 palettes in this collection. "Nude Awakening" and "Going in the Wild"

If you can get ahold of them i say get them! the nude awakening one i bought is amazing! and for only $4.99! it compares to high end eyeshadows, because of the pigmentation and the creamy-ness of the eyeshadows!