Friday, July 5, 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Whispers

  #25-lust for blush

#35- coral ambition 

 Maybelline color whispers
These color whispers are the perfect lipsticks for summer! they are sheer, moisturizing, and not to dramatic. So you can wear colors you wouldn't think you would look good on you. For example the coral, i cant pull off a bright coral lip color, but i LOVE the coral ambition one, because its sheer and looks like a splash of color. Maybelline has about 12 shades on these and I'm about out on these 2! and i will buy some more for sure!

There perfect for summer because when your at the beach or at a event where its hot outside you don't want a heavy lip color because it'll melt off and look sloppy. These are light weight, and stay in place. They are the type of lipsticks that you don't need a mirror to put them on, whereas other heavy lipstick you have to put them on with a mirror because they can look sloppy and the lines be ugly haha. but these you can glide them on, and they look amazing!

PRICE: i bought mine at rite-aid and wal-greens for $6.99, but at target or walmart they are cheaper for about $5.30.

OVERALL: i love these lipsticks, and wear them everyday because they are easy and look more natural with a splash of color. You might have to go over your lips 3 times to get more color, but they look so glossy and them!