Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review: Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation


 250 medium Beige                330 True Beige               370 Natural Tan


 In Direct Sunlight                     Not In Direct Sunlight
Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation

So Obviously i LOVE this foundation, since i have three of them haha. This Foundation is a very WEIRD texture and feel, its very different then any other foundation i have seen or tried; high-end or drugstore. Revlon has this line of "Colorstay" which is just a long-lasting foundation. This one says its 24 hour wear, but i have never had it on that long, so i cant say that's true. 


I can say that this foundation goes on Full coverage, but you can sheer it out lightly applying it to the face. You need very little to cover your face, it goes on creamy and you have time to blend it in to the face. The weird thing about this foundation is that the longer you wear it, the better it looks!!!  Over hours it looks more flawless and smooth. You don't even need to set it with a powder, it will dry to almost a powder feeling, and its very MATTE. So that means people with oily skin this is perfect for you. And when i have dry skin it still works for my dry skin! since it is a creamy texture. 


Overall I love this foundation, for every season of the year but especially for summer because you can apply that and be done and you can sweat in the heat and it'll stay put. i bought all mine at Target for about $10.99-$12.99, but i believe it is cheaper now like $10.99. I say try this foundation because its amazing and will make you look flawless for any skin types! totally worth the price!