Friday, July 26, 2013

Top 10 High End Lipsticks!


Kat Von D in "Celebutard"
Perfect peachy Nude, looks matte on lips but doesn't look drying! i wear this almost everyday! $18.00

Relaxation by MAC.
This is more like a chapstick/lipstick. its very moisturizing and is very pigmented!$17.00

Snob By MAC.
Very pink, looks purple on lips in that picture, but its way more of a true pink on lips. Its a satin so very creamy and not drying! $15.00

Prolong wear by MAC in "DRESS IT UP"
These lipsticks and for long wearing so almost like a stain type of lipstick. This is a very true pink and stays on for the whole day! $18.00

Sheen Supreme by MAC in "Gotta Dash"
these type of lipsticks are lipsticks that look like lipgloss! which i totally love because i hate lipgloss.
This is a very bright coral color, very moisturizing and looks good o darker skin tones!$18.00

Sheen Supreme by MAC in "supreme style"
Same kind of lipstick that looks like lipgloss.
This one is more of a everyday color, its a pink/nude color.
Glaze by MAC in "Hue"
This is my 3rd lipstick of this color!
everyday nude color, very creamy, doesn't every look dry, and very sheer but perfect for everyday. $15.00

Satin by MAC in "Myth"
Very nude color, very pigmented.
can make your lips look dry, so use gloss on top of it! but when you went a nude lip this is perfect! $15.00

YSL Rouge Volupte Perle in "107"
very sheer nude color, not to pigmented but looks natural and love it for everyday lips!$34.00

YSL Rouge Volupte Perle in "108"
Looks kind of purple, but its a ery true baby pink. Very sheer so perfect for everyday color! $34.00

Hope you enjoyed!

my top 10 drugstore lipsticks will be up tomorrow!