Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Top Favorite Highlighters

Bare Minerals "Flawless Radiance" 

This highlight is a loose powder ten gives off more of a white/silver glow. Perfect for pale skin tones and medium. 

You only need a little to give off good pigmentation.  


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Benefit "High Beam" 

 This highlight is in a liquid form. Gives off a peal pink color. Perfect for that dewy glowy highlight. Shows off better on the skin because its a liquid not a powder. 
(this is a sample size)

check it out "HERE"

Too Faced "pink Leopard Brightening Bronzer" 

This highlight is a powder, that says its a bronzer but i would NEVER use this for a bronzer. Its to shimmery and would make the skin look to shinny and weird. i blend all three colors and the result is a bronzy shimmery color. 

price: $30.00
  Sephora Harmony face powder in "Lets Dance"
 First off this highlighter is HUGE, and will last me many and many years haha. It has a pearl color, then pink, then a bronze color. You can blend all colors to get a bronzy pink shimmer. Or you can just do the pink, or just the brown. Which is why i love this highlighter , because you can choose what kind of highlight you want. 
-couldn't find on Sephora online.

 Sephora Highlighting compact

This highlight smells so good! it smells so fruity. which is weird but i like it haha. This is a pink pearl highlight. so better for medium to dark skin tones. 
As you can tell i love it since I'm hitting pan on it!

-Couldn't find on Sephora online.
 MAI Couture St.Barte Highlight papers

This highlight is in paper form! which is very different. This comes with 20 papers, and you can use each paper about 3-5 times! so this will last me a long time. But gives off a very pink gold shimmer look!

Price: $28.00
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Victoria Secret Highlight Stick In "showtime"

In stick form, more of a cream highlighter. Looks very glowy and dewy on skin. More of a Pearl white highlight. So perfect for summer and Lighter skin tones or medium. also, blends on skin very smooth. 

Couldn't find online! :(

Victoria secret Highlight Stick in "striking" 

Crean hihglighter. Goes on smooth. Gives a glowy and dewy look because its a cream not a powder form. This color is more of a bronze hihglighter. So perfect for bronzy summer looks, and fits all skin tones!

-couldn't find online. 
Victoria Secret "all or nothing" Highlight compact

Most intense highlighter i have. VERY pigmented and gives a pink/purple glow. Very intense so only use a little on cheekbones. Smells great and goes on like butter! Love it!!

-couldn't find online! :(

If you dont know how to apply a highlighters, you put it on your high cheekbones, brisge of nose, cupids bow, and forhead. like this...

I only put it on my high cheekbones and cupids bow (upper lip). because i have oily skin so i don't need a highlighter to make it more visible and shiney. haha but thats just me! do what you think looks best on you!