Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: Revlon Lip Butters

Revlon Lip Butters 

 so I've been obsessed with these for about 2 years now! they are the best ever! i choose them over my expensive MAC, urban decay, and Kat Von D lipsticks! 
they are VERY creamy and so moistring. They literally feel like butter! Revlon has about 15-20 shades of these! they just came out with 4 new summer ones. and  Juicy papaya is one of them.

I have Creme brulee and juicy Papaya.
  - Creme brulee is a nude lipstick that look very natural and you could pull off any look with this on your lips. This is actually my 2nd one, because i love it so much! i recommend this color for everyone!

   - Juicy Papaya is one of the new colors that came out with the summer collection. Along with Watermelon and Pink lemonade. Juicy papaya is a more bright coral color, but could look more red in some lights. I can only Pull this off if I'm bronzed up and have a brown eye haha. The color kind of washes me out, but i still love it! so I recommend this color for more of the girls who are tan!

They are the best lipsticks to just throw on your lips, these sheer but you can build up the color. They are Amazing for summer, because you can throw them on and look like you did your makeup. They are creamy and look good on your lips! I got mine at Rite-aid and Walgreens for about $7.99- $8.99 but i know Target and Wal-mart they are about $6.99!