Friday, July 19, 2013

Coastal scents 35% off every item!

Just got this email!!!
I'm so excited 35% off ever item! 

If you don't own anything by coastal scents then you Gould order now! 
I own all there eyeshadow palettes an pretty much all there brushes! 
There brushes are so good that you can't even tell the difference between there's and high end, NO JOKE! 

Pro Blending Fluffy brush click here $2.00
(comparable to the MAC #217 click here) $22.00

 Pointed Precision concealer brush click here $3.00
(Comparable to the Sigma P86 precision tapered brush click here $16.00)

Classic Tapered Kabuki Stick Synthetic click here$8.00

(comparable to the Sigma f82 ROUND KABUKI click here )$18.00

Angled Kabuki Stick synthetic click here $8.00
(comparable to the Sigma F84 angled kabuki click here) $18.00 

Imma go but more right now!!