Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review: LORAC Pro Palette

Closer view of ones on the Right

This palette I only bought days ago, but already I love it! the top row is all Matte's (which I use a lot in the crease and out corner) and mostly all browns, which I use everyday! The bottom row is all shimmery/glitter eyeshadows. After playing around with the eyeshadows and swatching them I LOVE the shimmery ones. There so pigmented and so pretty, I love them all over my lid. I'm gonna do each color and try to describe to you how it appears on the lids. so here we go....

Top Row: Matte's
White:very white color (for under brow)
Cream:off white color (doesn't make it that harsh when under brow)
Taupe:Soft brown (perfect for crease color and transition color!)
LT.Pink: soft pink ( almost white looking but a very pale pink) 

Bottom row: shimmers
Nude: Very shimmery white/ nude color (perfect for inner corner and highlight when you want of a more dramatic highlight)
Champagne: exactly what its called, haha. champagne color white/pinkish shimmer (my favorite in the palette)
Gold: shimmery gold color (exactly like half baked in both naked palettes) 
lt. Bronze: Very light brown shimmery color, almost white 

Top Row Matte's:
Mauve: brown/ purple color ( i think more purple) 
Sable: Milk chocolate brown ( i use this for my outer corner)
espresso: VERY dark brown (almost black i use this for a more dramatic out corner look)
Black: black (that is very black ha, and perfect for a smokey eye)

Bottom Row Shimmer's:
Pewter: Grey/ brown eyeshadow
Garnet: beautiful rose gold color ( one of my favorites!)
Deep purple: very dark purple almost hard to tell that it is purple (odd color to put in the palette in my opinion)
Slate: supposed to be a grey but shows more of a blue to me (or on my lids, which i have a problem with grey's looking blue on me so it could just be me)

Overall this palette is amazing. the texture of the eyeshadows is very creamy and SO pigmented; which is what a high end eyeshadows are supposed to feel like and be like. Every color is different and i will use them everyday because they are neutral colors. I LOVE the facts that there is 8 matte eyeshadows and 8 shimmer eyeshadows. No other pallets have that type of variety, and sad to say this buttttttt i think i like this more then my naked palettes! :(
SO worth the money, so if you were trying to decided bewteen this or the naked palettes i would say get this! just because of the amount of mattes in this palette! 

Get it here..... click here     OR here

Retails for $42.00 (also comes with eye primer)