Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of july look!!!

step 1: apply soft ochre paint pot all over lid as a primer, to make your eyeshadow last longer!

Step 2 (below): apply a light brown into crease for the transition color! apply with a crease brush, then blend out with a fluffier brush. I used a brown from my BH cosmetics 120 warm palette.
Step 3: apply a dark midnight blue all over the lid. i used a blue from the night palette by Stila. apply with a flat top brush, and just pat on.

step 4: apply a lighter teal color to the center of the lid, to just give a dramatic look. I used "cop a teal" from the too faced sweet indulgences palette.

 Step 5: Apply a lighter more electric blue to the lower lash line with a flat top brush and then blend out with a smaller fluffy brush. I used a blue from MAC eyeshadow called " electric eel"

step 6: apply false lashes!This duo adhesive, which is the best eyelash glue!
Step 7: i used a lip liner from MAC called "spice" and the wet n wild lipstick red. Then i applied Nars lipstick to give it a shiny effect, not so matte.

i hope you guys try it or your version of it! 
Have fun its 4th of July and just makeup!