Monday, July 15, 2013

Crap Product Review : MAC Matte Creme Matifiante


MAC Matte Creme Matifiante 

I bought this MAC matte cream about 1 month ago, and i used it everyday up until a few days ago, and the reason is because it made me breakout like fucking crazy!! and not just little bumps, i mean deep pimples that were cystic (don't come to a head, just stay a huge bump under skin) i know thats gross, but i gotta let you girls know!! and i don't have sensitive skin, so this it just that bad!

This product is supped to Matte anywhere you put it, so more for the girls that have oily skin. So i used it and put it on my nose, around my nose, forehead, and chin. AND I MUST SAY IT DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT DOES, IT DOES KEEP YOUR SKIN MATTE THROUGHOUT THE DAY, BUT CLOGS YOUR PORES LIKE NOBODY BUSINESS! 
ALL my pores n my nose and around my nose and forehead are clogged, and my chin is where i got those cystic pimples, and mind you they don't go away for about a months on me, so i was PISSED!! 

if you have oily skin and very tough skin that doesn't clog or you don't break out that easily, i would say try it, because everything can work differently on people. like i said it does work for keeping oil away on your face, but it does break me out like crazy. So thats why i think its a crap product for me, but it may not be for you!