Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yucaipa Big Lots Findings!

-Physicians formula organic loose powder foundation $4.00 compared to $13.00
-almay clear complexion concealer and salicylic duo $2.80 compared to 8.99
-physicians formula baked eyeshadows $4.50 compared to 12.99 
Almay true lasting color creme foundation. The white is a anti aging creme. $5.00  I haven't seen this at any drugstores but alums is higher price so I would say it's $10.00

Maybelline baked eyeshadow for $2.00. Compared to $5.99-$7.99 

Rimmel moisture renew lipgloss and these are pretty new! This was $3.00 compared to 6.99 

Loreal double extended mascara $4.00. It was brown so good for hazel eyes to bring out your eyes more. 

Nail art stickers for $1.50 compared to $5-$6! 
They had all different designs! 
^^^^ HEAVEN 
Sally Hansen smooth and perfect nail polishes $1.50 
OPI for only $1.80!!!!!

This was at the Yucaipa Big Lots. Which usually sucks! But I kind alot of good stuff 

I will post what I got tomorrow!! I'm so excited to show you guys cuz it was al for only $9.00!! 

Let me know if you guys go && get stuff!!