Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Top 4 High End Concealers!

   Hard to see because it matches my skin tone so well! but you can see the smoothness on my hand from the concealer. 

 My Top 4 High End Concealers! 
Since yesterday i did my favorite drug store concealers i had to do my favorite high end concealers. All i can say with these is that you get what you pay for. The higher price it is, there is a reason! So lets get into it!!

Tarte Marajuca Creaseless Concealer:
This concealer you can find HERE, and its about $24.00. This concealer is AMMAAZZIINNGGG for under eyes, is has the Marajuca oil in it which makes it impossible to crease on wrinkles or lines! its very moisturizing and blends out so pretty. It give your under eyes a very healthy look. This is the best concealer for when my under eyes are dry, other concealers would make it more dry but this makes it look so fresh and young looking! On the website it says that its a full coverage concealer, that is waterproof. And will cover imperfections, and hyper-pigmentation, and all that is 100% true! 

Urban Decay 24/7 concealer Pen:
Goes for $19.00. This concealer is in stick form and the consistency is VERY creamy. It is full coverage and gives off a matte finish! i wouldn't use this under your eyes, because it can settle in lines! i use this for spot concealing on my face. you honestly need very little to cover anything! and the colors are perfect for matching ski tones! i got the color ATF and it matches perfectly! 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in place concealer:
This goes for $23.00 and this is a full-coverage concealer, that is a matte finish. This you can use under your eyes and on your face. i use this under my eyes to cover my bad dark circels. This states to last 15 hours, feel comfortable, and luminous finish. and i agree 100% with that. it makes you dark circles disappear, while giving you a very healthy look. Im not sure on the 15 hours because I've never had my makeup on for that long, haha. 

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer:
okay so obviously i love this concealer since i have 3, ahah. i have light golden i a big tube, and medium golden in a big tube and a small one. The big tube goes for $42.00 and the smaller one is $24.00. This concealer is amazing! just like what its called. This is my all time favorite concealer in the world. you need VERY LITTLE to cover anything! its full coverage and feels very thin. I use the light golden under my eyes. and i use so little to cover my dark circles, its like they were never there. The Medium Golden i use on my face for spot concealing. i also wear the Medium Golden all over my face if i want a full coverage but light feeling on my face. its truly the best concealer i have ever tried or had. Try the little tube first before you go buy the big tube, because $42 for a big tube is a lot. 
Find it "HERE"