Monday, July 8, 2013

Victoria Secret Makeup 75% off!

This Victoria Secret bronzer was originally $14.00 but it was 75% off and i got it for $3.50!!
and look how HUGE it is!!! 
this will last me forever haha. 

its a very natural looking bronzer, its not to dark or not to shimmery! (which i hate when bronzer have a lot of glitter)

so this is perfect!

they also had a bronzing primer for 75% off.
I didn't buy it just because i like to bronze with powders, and my foundation is full coverage so it'd be pointless. but if you wear no foundation, or very sheer foundation this will look amazing! i swatched it on my hand and it just gives a little color and ver glowey, and its a primer so your makeup will last longer! so i say buy it if you want a bronzed face for summer and wear sheer foundation!

They also had lip glosses on sale but i have to many haha.