Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Big Lots Haul...Again!

This time i went to the Yucaipa Big lots, and usually they don't have good stuff at all because they are a smaller big lots then the Redlands one. But i found a lot of good stuff. If you haven't read my other blog post of all the good makeup then go ((HERE)). 

I ended up getting 2 of the SOHO blending brushes. Which if you have seen my other big lots haul i bought other brushes from SOHO and love them! i use the everyday, and they amazing brushes. so i had to pick up the blending brush. (why did i have to pick up 2? I'm just out of control haha)

When i saw OPI nail polishes i was freaking out, because these nail polishes can go from $6.00- $12.00, depending on where you go. i got the gold shatter nail polish called "gold shatter" and also i got a black one with a pretty glitter look to it called "Black Satin". 
There was a silver shatter there as well. 

SOOOOO if you want good deals on brushes and OPI nail polishes go to the Yucaipa big lots and let me know what you get!!!