Thursday, June 27, 2013

Naked VS Naked 2

Okay, so theres been a lot of talk about the Naked palette's by Urban Decay. Most say there kind of the same and its not worth to have both. But thats completely untrue. There are completely different!

Naked 1: I would say this is my favorite out of the 2. All the colors in this palette are warm toned colors. It consist of 2 matte brown( naked-light brown & buck-dark brown), and the rest shimmer colors. Which is why some people don't like it, because there are way more shimmers. but I don't mind it because all the colors are so bright and ammmaazing! I've had this palette for 2 1/2 years too!thats why the outside packaging is dirty haha. 

Naked 2: This palette does have a metal packaging, compared to the naked which is a velvet feeling. So that means it is durable and doesn't get dirty at all! 
- the colors in this palette are very COOL toned based, which means it will only look good on some people. Some of the colors may not be what they are in the palette when put on your eyelids. But you never know what may look good unless you try! Naked 2 consist of 3 matte shades(Foxy-highlight. Tease- light brown. Blackout- very dark black)
ad the rest are shimmery and VERY different. these shimmers have some greys(pistol & verve), and dark purple color(hustle)

Overall :
         I would say i love both palettes, but if i had to pick on i would go for the Naked 1, because all the colors will work on EVERYBODY! and i love the 2 light browns for my crease color. only downside is the packaging does get really dirty and the mirror is small. but overall Naked 1 Wins! :]

Favorite colors: 
   Naked 1: Virgin- shimmery highlight color
                     Sin- shimmery pale pink highlight
                     Naked- light brown crease color
                    Sidecar- shimmery pale pink with glitter
                   Smog- shimmery dark true brown

Naked 2:     Foxy- Matte White highlight
                   Half-baked- shimmery glittery gold (in naked 1 also)
                  Chopper- shimmery copper gold
                  Verve- shimmery silver
                 YDK- UNLIKE any other eyeshadows i have. pink shimmery color with             a little rusty look.