Friday, August 9, 2013

Bronzers For The Cheeks

So these are the bronzers i use just on my cheekbones. First i warm up my face, using the bronzers i talked about in my last post (if you haven't seen it "CLICK HERE!".
after i warm up my face and i want a bronzer look instead of a blush, i would just apply these bronzer to just my cheekbones! For the brushes i use i "CLICK HERE!" and go to blush brushes!
so now lets begin.....:)

 Bare Minerals "Faux Tan"
- this is a loose mineral bronzer that i love because its very easy to blend, since it is a loose powder, and it gives just a very nice airbrush look. It blends so pretty and you never will have harsh lines. This is more of a true brown bronzer, that has glitter in it. Not to much glitter, but i would only use this on the cheeks, never for warming up the face!

Milani Baked Bronzer in "05 Soleil"
- this is my favorite bronzer that i use almost everyday!
i have two of these just because i love it so much haha. its a bronzer that looks like its swirled with brown,gold,and light brown. its a baked bronzer which means you can wet your brush and swipe it over the bronzer and it will become WAY more pigmented on the cheekbones. it blends beautifully because it is baked. this is the perfect color for light/medium skintones. it gives your cheeks a very bronzed/gold iridescent look. i am OBBSESSED WITH THIS BRONZER!
You can get this at Walgreens or CVS for $8.99

Lorac TANtalizer Bakes Bronzer
- this bronzer is small because its the travel size, but Lorac sales this and the original size is HUGE! I've had this for about 3 years and i still have a lot left! so i would say try this small one before buying the huge one.
this bronzer is also a baked bronzer so you can apply it wet or dry. this is a very pigmented bronzer and a little goes a LONG way. this can give a very bronzed look just because its very shimmery and gold looking so i would say this will suit medium/ dark skin tones. Darker skin tones could also use this as a highlight! i love to use this when I'm tanner and want that summer golden look. Definitely not a everyday bronzer tho!
"GET IT HERE" $7.00-$32.00

Victoria Secret Mega Glow Bronzer
- this is a huge bronzer that will probably take me years to use up haha. This is a very good medium bronzer that doesn't have to much shimmer, and it also doesn't nice a gold shimmer to it, like all the rest I've talked about. I like to use this when i want bronzed cheekbones but not a shimmery bronzer. great everyday bronzer and i bought this for 75% off at Vicotria Secret for about $3!

 Physicians Formula Bronze Booster
- this is  very different bronzer, this is balls of bronzer. It has some dark ones, and medium ones. BEcause of tat is gives a very unique color because every time could be different! i love this because its not to pigmented so it gives a light bronze look! so if you want to have a bronze cheeks but have it look natural then this is for you!

Victoria Secret Pressed Mineral Bronzer in "Heat Wave"
- this is a very creamy, smooth bronzer! you only need a little to do your cheeks! it blended probably the best out of all these bronzers, because its mineral but pressed into a powder form. Its gives a very dark bronzed look, not really any shimmer or glitter, so perfect for summer!
i got mine on sale a long time ago for about $3-$5 i don't really remember!