Friday, August 16, 2013

Bare Minerals Concealer VS. L'oreal Bare Natural Concealer

So as i was going through all my concealers i noticed i has two mineral powder concealers. After looking at them and using them for about a week I've come up with enough information about each concealer.

Mineral Concealers are used to use to conceal under the eye or on blemsishes. This is for people who wear mineral makeup and don't want to use a liquid concealer, so a powder mineral concealer will blend better with the mineral foundation.

Im gonna talk about each product then compare at the end of post!

So lets begin!

Right Swatch is Bare Minerals

Left Swatch is Loreal

<(in sunlight)

<(in room lighting)

L'oreal Bare Natural Concealer:
- This concealer comes with .07 oz (2g)
- i bought mine at Biglots for $2.00! and i believe you can buy this at Drugstores on clearance, because i think l'oreal is discontinuing this sadly!
 This Concealer comes with a brush attached to the lid, which i find is the best brush to apply mineral concealer because its synthetic and literally packs on the color. So thats a plus about this concealer, that it comes with a brush.

Bare Minerals Concealer in "Well-rested":
- Bare minerals has different concealers to choose from but i love the well-rested. I've had the smaller one then bought the bigger one (2g) one
                                 this retails for $18.00               (click here) to see options.
Well-rested is a yellow/ivory type of color that would fit light-medium skin tones. Although it says its a concealer i think of it more as a under eye brightner. While it does conceal, it has more of a brighting effect, for that dramatic highlighted look! which i love and do everyday!


< L'oreal Bare Natural Concealer

< Bare Minerals in Well-rested

As you can see fro the picture the L'oreal has more of a skin tone color, and cover pretty well!

Bottom picture you can see that the cover a little, but has a brighting effect!

So who wins!?
These two mineral concealers i would say aren't really the same! even though they claim to be both concealers, i believe the bare minerals is a brighting powder not a concealer. So if i wanted to concealer my under eyes i would use the L'oreal and if i wanted to brighten under my eyes i would use the Bare Minerals Well-rested.
I usually would only use the L'oreal when I'm wearing mineral foundation. 
For the Bare Minerals i will wear this everyday on top of my liquid concealer, because it gives a great under eye look, while applying a little more coverage.

(also, the L'oreal is way cheaper, so if you wanted to just try out a mineral concealer for the first time, go to big lots and see if you can find the L'oreal concealer!) 

If you live in Redlands, Yucaipa, or Calimesa or any where near here check out my big lots haul at the Yucaipa big lots! where i found the L'oreal concealer!