Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Eyebrow Products I Own: The Good && The Bad

These are the eyebrow products that i own at the moment! some are good and some are bad! so read all below to see!

(on all the swatches of the color, i did one line the darkest i could get it, and the other a very light swatch. Just to show that the color of the pencil can become different colors!)

1. Elf Eyebrow kit in "medium"

This eyebrow kit i have re-purchased 6 times! and i still have 3 still!i believe this is the best eyebrow kit you can get at a drugstore and for a great price! i love the fact that it have a tinted gel, and powder to seal it all!

How I Use It: i apply the tinted gel and shape my eyebrows, then after that i will take a thin eyeliner brush and take the powder and apply it to the bottom on my eyebrow (just outline the bottom) i do this because the gel is already tinted so you can shade your eyebrow, and the powder will make it darker. And as a blonde i don't want my brow to dark so i would just make the bottom darker, rather then the whole brow dark!

Price: $3!!! (target)

2. Flower Cosmetics Brow Pencil in "Blonde"

 I just bought this about 3 days ago, and im OBSESSED! its smudge-proof and literally last all day long! like when i go to take this off with my makeup wipes i have to go over my brows a few times! i love that about this pencil because with some eyebrow pencils it will fade over the day! this it also a very thin product, so you can define your brows very well and precise!
Price: $5 at Walmart

3. Nyx Eyebrow pencil
 This product i was very excited about to try, but after using it for a few weeks i was kind of disappointed!this color is in light brown, but when applied to the eyebrows it became almost black eyebrows! and as a blonde it looked WRONG! it also through out the day it would fade! also, the pencil was kind of thick. So i would say pass on this eyebrow product!

Price: $4.99 at ulta

4. Revlon Brow Fantasy

This product comes with a color pencil and a tinted gel. The gel is to shape your brows and keep them from moving out of place! i have a hate/love relationship with this product. I HATE the pencil, its chunky looking when applied, and the pencil is thick so its hard to define your brows nicely, BUT i LOVE the tinted gel! i love that its tinted to give more color, and really holds the eyebrow hairs in place all day! i actually have 2 of these, but just because of the gel! i have tried the pencil over and over to give it tries and try, but i still don't like it!

5. Rimmel Eyebrow pencil in "hazel'
 this product i have given a lot of chances because i want it to work because its cheap drugstore product! but thick pencil does not give your eyebrows a pretty look. It gives a very thick look and doesn't give them harsh lines, it gives them a very wiggly outline, haha. thats the only way i can explain it.

price: $3.99

6. Maybelline Master Shape in "dark blonde"

This product is a wax, not a pencil. So when i used this is literally separated my eyebrow hairs is different steaks, i brushed it out and it still made them very separated, not together at all! and to make it even worse the plastic around this wax, you cant sharpen! because its pure plastic not wood! i have no idea what maybelline was thinking! i mean at least gives us a good sharpener with it! i actually broke a sharpener trying to sharpen this! o whatever you do, don't buy this!!!

Price: $5.99

7. Make Up For Ever Eyebrow Corrector

out of all these eyebrow products this is my favorite!
its a gel/liquid that is colored. so it will shape your brow with pigment, it also keeps your hairs in place, and the best part is that its WATERPROOF! i use this on a daily bases, but when i love to use this is when i go to the river, beach or the pool because it wont come of unless you rub and rub and rub!

if you want your brows to look sits best, get this!!!

"click here" Price: $20.00