Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August Ipsy Bag: Glamour Academy

Before we begin if you don't know what Ipsy is, it's a monthly subscription that you pay $10.00 a month and they send you a bag (that each month is a different theme) and 4-5 full-sized/ deluxe sample size products!
this is a great way to try things you wouldn't usually buy, and colors you wouldn't try! 
i can say i have tried 10 different mascaras and love them all!
also, hair oils i wouldn't buy but have made a HUGE difference in my hair.
also, lip colors i wouldn't usually buy! i didn't think i could pull off red lipstick, and after getting full sized & ample sized red lipsticks i love red now!

if you want to sign up "CLICK HERE"

This months theme is "Glamour Academy". this bag is super cute and big and tall! its good quality also! so I'm happy with that! 

First, is Michael Todd Pumpkin Rich Facial Mask.
I've heard of Michael Todd skin care before and i wanted to try it out, but it was so expensive! so when i saw this i was so excited! and yes this is a sample size but its 1 oz. which if a big sample. and this is a mask, so its not like I'm using it everyday, so this will last awhile!
it smells just like pumpkin! and I'm excited to use it!!!

Next, is a Pixi Lash bootser Mascara.I find that these sample sized mascara actually last a long time! im still using 2 that i got in my june bag, and my july bag! so when i see these i get excited because i love mascara, and this is a good way to ty them before spending $20 something on these high-end mascara!
and I'm excited that isa  lash booster, so it ha a serum in it to make your eyelashes grow! which is always a good thing!

Next is Urban Decay New lipsticks, that just came out like a week ago! so I'm so excited to try these! they say its a moisturizing lipstick with oils in it, and this is a good sized sample. It looks small but lipsticks last awhile!
These full sized i believe are $23

Next is Smashbox photo finish primer. this is a very popular primer that a lot of people love. I've used it before and it was okayyyy, wasn't anything special. but that was about 4 years ago. so maybe i will love it now! so excited to try this again.

Lastly, is Mica eyeshadow in bronze. This is a loose pigment eyeshadow. I've gotten a Mica eyeshadow before in a Ipsy bag, and i love it and use it all the time! so I'm glad this is another eyeshadow. This is full sized too! so thats good! and this color is amazing!!!! the swatch is just a little too, so spreads out good with a lot of color!

OVERALL: I'm very excited for this bag! i love that they did makeup and skincare in this bag!