Friday, August 2, 2013

Favorite Eyeshadow Brushes!

1. Starting with Brushes to Pack on Color To the Lid

Top left- is TOO FACED Duo brush. This type of brush it a short and small brush (width & length wise) its stiff so when you get a certain color you can pack on all over lid by patting.
Not for individual sale, i got mine in this palette "here"

2 on the top right- is Real Techniques Shader Brush. This brush is synthetic brush, so it will grab any color eyeshadow and pack it all on the lid. i love this because its so small. its the smallest out of all these, so perfect if you only want a certain color in the inner tear duct or very precise. "Find it Here"

Bottom left- is SOHO crease brush, but i love this to pack on color like a dark smokey eye. It grabs eyeshadow so good and pack it very dark onto lide. its round so you could blend the color on your lid with this brush.
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2 on the bottom right- Costal scents flat brush. this is the biggest out of all these, so i love this when i want to do my lid with color and have my whole lid. This will only take one time to dip into the eyeshadow and cover the entire lid.
Find it "here"

2. Crease brushes
i usually us these to blend out a soft brown for every look to give me an idea of the look i want.

Lancome Blending Shadow Brush #17 
"get it here!"

This brush is a tapered brush which means it comes to a point. which is perfect for working eyeshadow into the crease. this brush blends eyeshadows out so effortlessly i love it!

SOHO All Over Shadow brush

This is perfect for the crease because its length in longer then usually and its fluffy, so it will blend out colors instead of packing them on. this is natural hair brush, so wont feel scratchy!

SOHO BLEnding Brush

"where i got mine!"
This is the best crease brush i have!
it so fluffy and long that you can blend any color out so pretty!
 I think its because its very long and the hairs are long, so it can blend colors out towards the brow bone, rather then bending them out to the hairline.

SOHO Crease brush

i got this brush in a set of 3 at walgreens for $9.99

this one is like the one above, its long and is fluffy, but this one is synthetic hairs. so this will blend out colors better because it wont hold onto any color at all!

3. outer-corner brushes!

These brushes are like exactly the same! but i use one for lighter browns and one dark colors/black.
The one on the left is the Sigma E25
"check it out here" $10.00

and the right one is Costal Scents Blending fluff Pro
"Check it out here" $4.95

these brushes look the same, feel the same, and do the exact same thing! there literally is no difference.
i just bought the Sigma one and loved in and wanted to see if the coastal scents one was better.
They both are small so they fit PERFECT in the out corner of the lids and while it packs on color it also blends them out so good it looks like a pro did it!
if you don't have this brush you need to get it now! it will change your life haha.

4. Under Lower Lash Line Brushes

 This brush is by Costal Scents, and is called "Classic Blender Pointed Synthetic brush"
"buy it here!"
is so small and the pointed tip makes putting on color under you eye very accurate, and not messy. Also, you can blend the color out with this right after you apply the eyeshadow. it blends it out so fast and looks amazing! i love it because its small so when you blend it out it wont blend it out big so it wont look like a black eye! ha

this is also by Coastal Scents and is called the "Classic Tipped Shadow synthetic"
"buy it here!" $2.95
i use this when i want a straight line under my eyes. or i just want to make the under eye color very intense! and then i go i with the brush above^^ to blend it all out!
It picks up color very easily and packs it on so dark, i love it when i do dark smokey eyes!

5. Highlight brush

Brush is by Coastal Scents and is called "Classic Shadow Larger brush"
$2.49 "buy it here"
This is a big brush, but when you pick up your highlight color with this it applies it very pigmented and will not make a harsh line between your highlight color and your crease shadow! 

and thats it!
my favorite face brushes will be up tomorrow!
and will take me hours to write about them all! ahah