Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Favorite Blushes! (High-End && Drugstore)

So for my top favorite blushes I didnt really have enough favorites to do my "favorite High-end blushes" and my "favorite drugstore blushes". and thats honestly because i am a bronzer type of girl! if i don't wear bronzer i feel naked and pale haha. but I'm sure thats all in my head! but when i do wear blush is more in fall and winter (and i still will warm up my face with bronzer! lol) so if your a blush kind of girl, then this is for you! I'm gonna share my favorite blushes that i go to in fall and winter!

1. Nars "Orgasm"

This is a mini size, that i got from Sephora for my 500 point perk. but let me tell you I've used it plenty of times and it hasn't made a dent! so if you wanna try this out first, then you can buy the smaller on separate for way cheaper. This is a very pretty peachy/pink blush with gold shimmery in it. What i love about this blush is that you can literally use it on every skin tone! it will show up, and look amazing! it gives a healthy look to the cheeks! the shimmery Isn't to crazy it just gives your cheeks a gold shimmery look. i love it, and think everybody should atleast try it once! because you will be missing out on such a beautiful blush! This is also NARS most sold blush! and there is a reason for that!!
$29.00 for full sized

2. Benefit "Bella Bamba"

(In Shade)

(In direct sunlight)

This blush is a Watermelon pink! thats honestly exactly what it looks like on swatches and on the cheeks. It also has shimmery gold undertones to it. This can be a very light pink, with a light hand when applying. Or you can really make this a blush that is very dark and stands out, by applying it more heavy. Thats why i love this, because its will give good pigmentation no matter how you apply it. And to make it even better all Benefit Blushes smell good! i know thats weird for a blush to smell, but they all have different smells to them. This blush has a very fruity smell, not flowery and not strong! so you wont smell it when its on your face, its just smells in the box! ahah. This will look good on any skin tones, depending on how you apply it! Light-medium you can do it lightly/heavy and Darker skin tones can do heavy application!

(in shade) ^^                             (in sunlight) ^^

(in shade)

(In direct sunlight)

This blush i got a few months ago, and i LOVE IT! Its a baked blush thats why it looks like different colors are swirled into it. It's a very true coral color with a swirl of peal white in it, to give your cheeks a very luminous glow! it does have a lot of glitter and shimmer, but thats why i love it! when I do a coral cheek, i usually want a pearl glitter effect. I don't know  why thats just me! ahah. but this gives me all that, and look amazing! i will always repurchase this!
$7.99 (at Target,Wal-mart,CVS)

4. Milani Baked Blush in "Rose D'oro"
 (IN shade)  ^^^                     ^^(In direct sunlight)

< In shade

< in Direct Sunlight

This blush is also a Baked blush, so there are different swirls of color in it. All baked blushes are very easy to blend out and very pigmented! This color "Rose D'oro" is darker pink with gold in it. Opposite of the "Coralina" blush because that has a peal glow to it, while this one has a gold shimmery glow to it. I like this one because it is a darker kind of blush, compared to my other blushes that are more of a bright pink blush. It gives the cheeks a pretty gold glow like the Nars Orgasm almost, but this one is a darker pink compared to the Nars Blush.
$7.99 ( at Target, Wal-mart,Cvs)

5. Wet N' Wild in "Pearlescent Pink"
                      ^^ (BOTH IN SUNLIGHT) ^^^
This blush is the most pigmented blush i have! you literally need just one swipe on your brush to do your cheek (and sometimes thats even to much!) so with this blush you can sweep it on very lightly for a natural blush or go heavy (like i did in the picture above)
This blush has avery creamy texture to it, so that means it will blend so good! i love this because you can never have harsh lines, because o matter what you can blend it out on our cheeks. This is the lightest pink blush they have of their blush, but it doesn't come off to that light of a blush. If you haven't tried Wet N wild blush your missing out! there very cheap and are good quality! they honestly feel and look like WAY high end blushes! and if you don't like them your only out $2!! and Rite-Aid always has sells on Wet N Wild for 40% off on all items! so get them all then! i have 3 out of the 4 and love the all!

6.Be A Bombshell Cosmetics. Blush in "Sweet cheeks"
        ^^ ( in shade)            ^^ ( in direct sunlight)

(Both pictures in direct sunlight)

This blush i got in my Ipsy Bag. If you don't know what IPSY is, its a bag your pay by monthly for $10.00 and you get 4-5 full sized products! Its a great way to try new things, and new colors of things you wouldn't usually buy! 
so yes, i got this full sized blush in that bag, this retails for $16 usually! but its worth the price. Its so creamy and VERY pigmented! i only use this with a light hand because it can look very bright and bold if applied heavy! it a very dark pink blush and gives off a very luminous look to the cheeks! (as you can tell from the pictures) it have a pearl undertones, not gold. This will look great on all skin tones because its a very dark pink and will appear on all skin tones!

7. Estee Lauder Blush in "Rosette"
Rosette is the third one in from the left!

(left pic:in shade)

(Right pic: in sunlight)

For some reason this blush was HORRIBLE to swatch! it would be on my finger, but wouldn't go on to my hand very pigmented.
i tried im sorry!!

I love this blush because it more of a ginger/orange type of blush. its not to crazy of a color, it just looks like a toasted bronzer on your cheeks. thats why i love it so much! because i love bronzers hahah. but this does show up on your cheeks very well, with your brush. Just for some reason it would not apply to my hands with my finger haha. This i got in Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Collection maybe 4-5 years ago, so you cant buy this blush set! :( but all estee lauder blushes are freakin amazing! the closest blush i could find to this color is the blush called "Brazen Bronze" 

8. Almay Blush in "Natural 110"

(left: in shade)

(right: in sunlight)

This blush i go for a lot! and i think its because its a very natural looking blush. it doesn't have that mush glitter or shimmer glow to it. Its more of a natural blush that i like to wear when i got a bold lip, or bold eyes. Its a rose color that i think will look amazing on light-medium skintones. i don't think this will appear on darker skin tones tho! it blends out amazing and gives a perfect blushes look!
You can buy this at Wal-greens, Rite-aid, Target, and Wal-mart...ay drugstore for around $6.99-$8.99( im not to sure!)


Also, i would love to hear feed back from everyone on if i write to much info? 
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just let me know please!
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