Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Top Favorite Face Brushes! (foundation,bronzer,blush,powder, & concealer)

Before we talk about brushes, i just want everyone to know the difference between Natural hair brushes (goat hair) and synthetic brush hairs.
Natural hair brushes will always look and feel like real hair, and just like our own hair, our hair will absorb oils, or any types of liquids. So for brush talk, the natural hair brushes will absorb some of your product if its liquid. so thats why i use those for bronzer and blush not foundation or concealer brushes.

Synthetic brushes are made out of non-absourbent nylon or polyester. so these brushes will not absorb any liquid, so that why i use them for foundation and concealer, because it will literally take the product you have and transfer all of it to your face. 

1. Foundation Brushes

Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 
- this brush is a short kabuki brush that is very stiff because of the synthetic brush hairs. This is what i most used foundation brush because its flat and you cant literally pat the foundation into your skin and have it be more coverage because of the way this applies. The size Isn't to bug or to small. so doing your face with this brush wont tae long because its medium sized. i use this with liquid,cream, and mousse foundation and it applies all of them the best ever! 

If you don't have this brush i recommend it highly!
$18.00 (they also have round & angled shapes)

 Real Techniques Expert face brush
- this brand of brushes is my favorite! i won almost all of them and they are cheap! compared to mac and Sephora brushes!
they all are synthetic brushes. This one in particular it a very short kabuki brush. Which makes it perfect for applying foundation because it gives you more coverage. The only thing it that its very small in width, so it'll will take longer to apply foundation then the medium sized brushes by sigma. (i also use this brush to contour my face and pat on concealer)
get these at Ulta or "click here"
Ulta always has these brushes for buy one get on half off almost every month! 

 Real Techniques Stippling brush
-this brush is perfect for that airbrushed look because of its duo fiber brush hair. Duo fiber mean the 2 different lengths of the hairs. so all the product will stay in the white hairs, while the black hairs below provide it stiffness to apply accurate. i love this for cream foundations, and really watery foundation or even BB creams! its kind of small but perfect around nose, mouth and eyes. 

get these at Ulta or "click here"
Ulta always has these brushes for buy one get on half off almost every month! 

Coastal Scents Classic Stippling Brush
-this brush is very big so it will take less time to apply foundation.

Technique of stippling!
is to grab very little foundation at the tips of each white hairs. (so looks like little dots on each end) and to pat that on face. so just like megapixels on a camera its all dots when you zoom in. but when you look at it at a far it looks like a perfect surface. Same idea here! keep getting foundation and the ends until all the dots on your face are together to make a perfect surface. DO NOT RUB THE BRUSH AROUND ON FACE THAT WILL DEFEAT THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE STIPPLING TECHNIQUE!

2. Powder Brushes

 Real Techniques Powder Brush
-this brush it so big and very dense!
it also has duo fiber brush hairs, so it wont waste any powder that it on this brush. i love to use this brush with pressed powders, because it picks up the product well and when you sweep it al over the face it gives a very smooth look! it takes like 20 seconds to do you face because this is so big! i love it, and everyone needs this!
 E.L.F powder brush
- this brush is synthetic, and its flat! which means you can pat this on your face instead of rubbing on powder. I use this when i need a more flawless and more coverage because you can take any kind of powder and pat in onto face without disrupting the liquid underneath! i have 3 of these! because i love them so much
and the best past is, is the price!
i get mine at target!
Bare Minerals Handy Buki 
- this brush is made out of goat hair and its a round kabuki style brush. Since this is a powder the hairs wont absorb any product!
i love this because you can really buff in the powder to your face because its round and small!
i especially love this with mineral powders because it gives the most flawless, full coverage look! (this brush is made my mineral loose powder)

3. Blush Brushes

 SOHO Blush Brush
- brush hairs made out of goat hair, and its very small but wide. 
so i love this when i want my blush to be in a certain spot and very concetrated. Because it is so mall it wont blend it out to far down or up, so you get a perfect blush look on your cheeks!

Got mine "here"
paid $4.00 instead of $10!

Real Techniques Blush Brush
- this brush in duo fiber synthetic brush so if will make your blush go on very smooth and look airbrushed!
its quit big so this will apply your blush and also blend it out very nice, there is never any harsh lines when you apply with this brush!
i also use this for bronzer when i want to bronze my whole face because it looks natural because it blends it all so well!

 Sephora Natural Domed Powder Brush
- this brush it almost exactly like the real techniques one above this, but this is natural hairs!
i use this to blend anything out, if i have blush or bronzer that Isn't blended out good enough, or is to harsh i use this brush to blend that all out!
i find the natural hair brushes, like this brush, blend out product better then the natural hair products!
they changed the look of the brushes, but still the same brush!
Coastal Scents Classic Blush Angled small Natural
- this brush is perfect for blending out any blush or bronzer because its fluffy, angled and natural hairs.
i like to use this when i want to apply blush and have it look prefect. With this brush you don't really need to blend it out with another brush because it applies blush and blends it out all in one step!
and for the price its amazing! this is my go to blush brush!

4. Bronzer Brushes

Sephora's Bronzer Brush #46

- first off, this brush is huge!
and its very short and dense. made out of natural hairs!

You can use this on the face or even on the body, because its that big!
i love to use this when i want my face to be bronzed all over and have it be very defined!
i also turn it sideways to do my bronzer on my cheekbones so it gives a perfect line, like contouring the cheekbones!
they changed the handle and used synthetic hairs now! but same brush and does same thing!

Bare Minerals Flawless Face Brush

- the reason why i love this brush is because t long natural hairs, so because its not stiff it wont put the bronzer to thick or too much product. this will blend the product out because its long hairs and natural hairs.
This is made for the foundation, but its the perfect size to bronze the whole face! 

5. Concealer Brushes

Bare Minerals Seamless Blending duo Brush

- this is a flat synthetic brush, i love to use this to pat on concealer to large areas of the face that needs more coverage. 

Perfect size and doesn't shed.
This is the brush individually sold...."click here!" $20.00

Urban Decay Shadow Brush
-this came in my naked or naked 2 palette.
this is made to apply eyeshadow, but i think its better for concealer, because its short and stiff. 
i use this when i use concealer to "carve out" or give my eyebrows that sharp lines underneath!

*you can't buy this brush separate only in the naked palettes! :(

Sephora's Airbrushed Concealer Brush
-i love this brush because its supposed to be like your finger tip shape to give the best results. i use this under my eyes to blend out any concealer. you need very little because this brush blends it out amazing! and the round tip helps with getting by your inner tear duct and also around the nose! Must have brush!

SOHO concealer brush
- this is a very small shaped brush so i love this to dap on concealer on small blemishes and also to shape out my eyebrows!

not sure on price, but you can get it "here"

6. Setting Brush

Real Techniques Setting Brush
i use this brush to set my concealer. So with a loose powder.
this is very small and is also due fiber so it picks up the powder and applies it so smooth and makes it look flawless!
Other brushes are to big to set under eyes so this is a must have, and perfect!

If you have read all this....then i love you! haha because this is a lot of info that took me an hour to write! so thank you!