Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bronzers I Use To Warmth Up The Face

Before I go into the bronzers I want to give information between "warming up the face" compared to "bronzer" on the cheeks.
When I want to warm up my face to give a darker tan look, or to just warm up my face to match my tan body I ONLY use bronzers that are matte and or have barley no shimmer/ glitter. The reason for that is because when you warm up the face you want it to look natural, so all blended out and not any harsh lines. If you have shimmer in the product you use it will make it look unnatural and look not great for the face. (unless you like to have a glittery face lol)

When I warm up my face I do a "3" and backwards 3 like this...

(I dont do my nose because thats more on contouring then warming up the face!)

Warming Up The Face VS. Contouring
warming up the face is just giving your face some color, if you do it light it will look very bronzy and summer like. Contouring is to put a darker shade, to deepen your cheekbones and make things become more defined. For example: more defined cheekbones, jaw line, make your nose slimmer, and make your eyes more defind. With warming up the face we are not defying anything just giving the face a warm bronzed look. 

SO now we understand what warming up the face is, and what kind of products i like to use, lets get into the specific bronzers i use!

 Covergirl Clean Powder in "565 Tawny"
- this is not a bronzer, this is actually just a face powder but VERY dark. 
the reason why i love to use this is because it have no shimmery/glitter and since it is a face powder it doesn't look to orange or brown and it is the SMOOTHEST to blend out! so you could really get a blended out bronze look with this! 
i found this at rite aid for sale for $3!
any darker face powder will work tho!

 Rimmel Natural Bronzer in "025 sun glow"
- This is a very natural looking bronzer (hint the name) and is made out of minerals. so this will not wear heavy or look heavy. Since it is mineral compressed into a powder this will blend very smoothly. There is different colors, this color might pull orange on paler skin tones, so just get a lighter one this this color! you really only need a little of this to do the whole face so this will last me awhile!
Got mine at rite aid for $3.97! so cheap and very good!

 Maybelline Dream Sun in colors "140 four season light" && "150 four seasons medium"

-These bronzers i am OBSESSED with! the reason i love them is because they have rows of different colors. So thats means if i wanted a lighter bronzer to warm up the face i could put my brush in only the left side, and if i wanted a darker look (or even a contour color) i could only do the right side. These are matte, absolutely no shimmer or glitter in them, which i LOVE! very smooth and blend out very well!
Got mine at Walgreens in the clearance section for $3 or $4!! but they still sell these for $8.99 (i just got lucky)

 Smashbox Suntan Matte in "bronze lights"
-this i have 2 of them, and use them often (as you can tell i hit pan!)
these are just the perfect universal color, i use it to bronze my face and also to contour! If you use to much of this product it can look a little muddy, so with all these you must use a light hand! Also, this bronzer will last you a LONG time! i think I've had this for about 2 years! because you only need a little product. It's very smooth and almost feels like butter! (you get what you pay for!)
got this at Sephora for $29.00
"check it out here"
 Bare Minerals In "warmth"
- this is the only loose powder one that i like! this is made out of minerals so honestly this will give you the most airbrushed broze look, because it blend out so perfect! you only need a little because it spreads out a lot! i think this color is perfect for every skin tone, thats why they put this color in with every kit they sale. Its more of a red based bronzer so this will look very natural, because when you look bronzed from the sun its like a little sun burn, so the redness in this will act like that burn and give a more natural look, compared to brown or orange bronzers!
worth the money! and I've ha this for 3 years! and still ALOT to go haha
Got mine at Sephora for $19.00
"check it out here"

Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Bronzer SPF 50 in "tan"
- this bronzer i love for warming up the face because it puts SPF 50 all over your face also! without having to put spf lotion on under your makeup! spf 50 is a lot but in a bronzer form you cant tell! this si the perfect color out of all the bronzer I'm talking about, it has a LITTLE glitter but when you apply this to your face you cant tell. I've used this a lot and haven't really put a dent into this thing! and i have 2! 
I got mine at Big Lots for $4, and if you go to rite-aid or some where like that its $12!! so check out your big lots to find this!
"MY Big Lots Haul HERE!"

Almay Powder Bronzer in "sunkissed 210"
- this is a smaller bronzer then all of them, but seriously last forever! I've had this for i don't know how many years! and i haven't put a dent in it! its very smooth and creamy, so you don't have to use a lot to blend out on the face! the name of this is exactly what it is, it gives you a sunkissed look that is very natural!
Got mine at Rite-aid For 40% a long time ago so i think i payed maybe $5-$6 for this, but regularly its $8-$9

Tip: if you want to achieve a sunkissed bronze look by warming up the face with any product you must use a light hand! this is supposed to look natural and not harsh. So you shouldn't be able to see when the areas come together! so the darkness and your skin color shouldn't be able to be separated looking, it should be blended out!

To see what brushes i use to bronze the face "CLICK HERE" and go to "bronzer brushes"