Saturday, February 22, 2014

Review: Glam Glow Super-mud clearing treatment

(After 2 min on face)
(After 20 min, nasty blackheads haha) 

So tonight I did the Glam Glow mask and thought if do a review on it! I know it's late but this is something I love and can rant about! 
For some information about the glam glow mask, they are all natural and have no harsh chemicals in them. The one I used tonight was the clearing one. This one does contain 6 blends of Aha and Bha. Which pretty much are different chemicals ( salicylic acid/ Glycolic acid) which clean above the skin and into the pores. It also contains licorice in it to help with the cleaning pores and this mask does smell like licorice! 
This mask is made for cleaning out your pores, so any zits, black heads or any clogged pores you have and to help with scarring. 
To use this mask you only need a thin layer across your skin. It's best to use a flat foundation brush to spread it evenley. When you first apply it, it's a dark grey and as it dries it becomes a light grey. But the coolest part is that after it dries it will dry around your most problem areas. So around zits and blackheads. So you can see aall of it! Which can be gross but cool haha. 

I use this one a week, and right after my skin feels so clean and smooth and it does help with the appearance if blackheads and zits do go down! 

Price: this does cost $69. Which is pricey but so worth it if you need something to clean out your pores. You do get a lot more uses when you do a thin layer with a foundation brush. Try a sample first and see how much your skin will love it!!