Monday, March 17, 2014

My Favorite Red Lipstick

So for todays post i was thinking the most asked question i get asked at work is "can you find a red for my skintone. And there isn't really a certain red for a skin tone its just what you think looks best. You can ether do a Bright red, a royal red, or a deep red. Its just what you think looks best one you. So I'm just gonna show my favorite top reds that i love! hopefully this helps some of you figure out what red is worth trying and buying!

1. Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in " Pomegranate"
This red is the perfect red, it comes in a pencil form which is super easy to draw out your lips and just fill in the rest. Its very creamy and a little goes a long way. The one thing i love about this lipstick is that it doesn't move at all! its like a stain but creamy like a lipstick. Also, Bite Beauty is 100% natural, so that's another plus because as you wear your lipstick you getting nourishment from all the natural ingredients! these lipsticks you can buy separate or you can get kits of different colors! I've had this since December and I've worn it at least one a week, and im not even close to being half way done with it! 
(mind is a mini one, so the full sized one is $24)

2. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in "69"

This lipstick i got in a 100 point perk at Sephora, and it made me fall in love with this line of lipsticks. This color is very bright, this is probably the brightest red i have, and every time i wear this i get complemtnets. So if your comfortable with bright reds then you need this one! its very creamy, probably the creamiest out of all these. The color is amazing and again you only need a little to do your whole lips. i can eat with this on and it wont move or smear at all! I'm almost done with this mini one, but i will for sure buy this after and probably get "obsessed" 

3. OCC Lip Tar in "NSFW"
 If you don't now what a lip tar is, the are like paint for your lips. you only use a tiny drop, and i mean little and it'll do your whole lips. They are stains so the are a little drying, but if you put a gloss on top or a Chapstick underneath your fine all day long! this red is a little darker then a true red, but i would still say its a true red. What i love about these is that you draw your lips out and fill it in, so no need for a lip liner at all! I got this in December and its pretty mush full still! and this is a mini one i got in a kit of 4.
Bigger ones are a lot bigger and are $18
CLick for Sephora website

4. OCC Lip Tar in Dahlia
This is for sure the more darker reds, but it is still a red. It may look dark plum but its more of just a dark red. So again this is a lip tar and is a little drying but this is the perfect dark red. I think anyone can pull off a dark red, and this is my favorite.