Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Favorite Lip Crayons!

NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in "New lover"
 This Lip pencil is very different then the others because its a lipstick but it shows off as a lipgloss. Which is perfect for me because i don't like lipgloss because of the texture. So when i want a glossy look i use this and it feels like a lipstick! and this hot pink is a very sheer pink with gold glitter in it, so you can pair this with almost every eyeshadow look because it wont take away from the eyeshadow colors. They have a huge range of colors for this type of lip pencil. Im gonna try the pinks for sure! there very moisturizing too! 
They also have a matte lip pencil and a Satin lip pencil!

Pop Pouty Crayon In "coral Crush"

 This ip crayon i got i my ipsy bag, and i was so happy with this product! its very smooth and moistrigin. It also is creamy and apply like butter! and the color I'm obsessed with! its the perfect coral color. it also smells like mint, which is always a good scent! Its not to bright or to sheer. Pop beauty also has a lot of different colors, and they come in little kits!
i can wear this with any look also because the color isn't to dramatic, i love this for summer but i will ear all year round! 

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in "charm"

This i bought a long time ago, and these are old products. But a lot of people just by pass these. But this lip crayon is amazing! it smells like mint gum! and apply very sheer but its very smooth and moriszing. it gives off a shiny dewy look to the lips. i love this nude because its not to pale and would suit any skin colors!
it also lat forever! i have had this for a year now and have used it plenty of times!

Elf Matte Lip Pencil in Coral
These lip pencils are different then the rest because they are matte! so no glitter or shine. They are pigmented very well and give good color pay off! they can be a little drying just because they are matte, but you can apply a Chapstick under or on top! this coral is a very neutral coral it can go on any skin tone just because its a nude coral and not to orange or hot pink. It also last a long time and there only $3!!!!!
You can find them online or at target!

Elf Matte Lip Pencil in "natural"

 Again this lip pencil is matte and its a natural pink color and you can wear it with any color and wear it everyday! its a little drying formula, but can be fixed like i said above!