Thursday, October 24, 2013

Powders I Contour WIth!

First off i want to say that all of the bronzers I'm gonna how and talk about are all MATTE! when you contour your face you want a matte bronzer because contour is supposed to be a natural look, so no shimmer or glitter is gonna look natural! 
some are darker then other but its all in how you apply them, with a heavy hand or a light hand.
I just used my fingers, and i applied 2-3 layers just so they could show up in the pictures. So some may not be that dark!

Also, if you don't know what contouring is, its putting a darker color is the depths of your face to give you more structure. So to make your cheekbones pop out, or slim your nose or to make you chin smaller, as well as your forehead!
to contour you need to first recognize your face shape! 

Here is some pictures on contouring to your face shape!

lets get started!!!

 1.Smashbox bronze lights in "suntan matte"

This bronzer is a light brown with more of an orange undertone. which could go good or bad depending on how you apply it! if you do to much it can look like dirt haha, but if you do a light application it comes off as the perfect color for light/medium skintones. its super creamy and blends so easy! that why i enjoy this so much because its so easy to blend and you only need a little bit because of that!
Also, i have two of these and they have lasted me about 3 years!!

 2. NYC color wheel in "724 all over bronze"

Next, is one of the cheapest ones I'm gonna show! which is why everyone should own it! not only is it cheap but its really good! this has about 4 different colors so you can make it adjustable to what you want! if you want lighter only go in the 2 lighter color, or darker go in to the 2 darker shades! or you can just swirl them all together (whats in the swatch). its not to powdery, so its more of a creamy texture and blends good! perfect contour because its more of just a brown color! no orange or dark brown!

$4 (website!) you can get this at any drugstore!!

3. Maybelline Dream Sun in "150 four seasons"

this bronzer i was obsessed with and used it everyday for about 2 months! its the perfect color for contour or even just bronzing the face! it has 4 different shades, so just like the NYC one you can customize your color! which i usually do! one day i will want a dark contour and other i want a light contour! so this is perfect to take everywhere or have because its a 2 in 1 type bronzer! the color is pretty much just a brown (pic above is all colors swirled together) and if perfect for even darker skin tones!
$8 at any drugstore!

4. Too Faced Bronzer in "Chocolate Soleil"

This bronzer i got from my work, as my 100 point perk! so other sephora's do have this! so check around or even online! this is a really popular bronzer! they also have a milk chocolate one thats a lot lighter for lighter skin-tones! but this on is for medium/dark! but i honestly i think any skin-tone can use this, it just depends on the brush you use! this is a pretty big bronzer for a 100 point perk, and it'll probably last awhile! and the best thing about this bronzer is that it smells like chocolate! when you swirl your brush in it, the air smells like chocolate, its amazing! but you can smell it once its on your face! but the color on this is amazing and perfect and blends the best out of all these bronzers!
i will definitely buy the full sized one!
$30! (link for this one!) (link for milk-choclate bronzer)

5. Mac in "blunt"

Now when you see this picture you might think its super dark! but thats me doing like 3-4 layers!
but this is definitely the darkest of them all, and i would recommend this for medium-tan,dark skin tones because once applied to the face its a very dark contour!
and once its on its on! its kinda hard to blend, but you just need to find your technique and your favorite brush to apply it with! this will not be a settle contour, this is definitely be a dark contour! so if you want that then this is the bronzer for you!
i honestly dont think i will ever hit pan on this because so little goes dark so you only need a little!
$21 (website!)