Friday, January 3, 2014

Naked 3 Review! (worth it or not?)

So to begin i work at Sephora and we got the Naked 3 months ago and i didn't want to get it. I just thought it was to pink and i wouldn't wear the eye shadows that much, and overall just a waste of money because i have the Naked and Naked 2.
Last week i just gave in and bought it! i mean why not!?
I've only had the palette for about a week but I've worn it everyday and i think i'm starting to LOVE it!
i have green eyes so it does pull my eye color very well, and makes them more green.

As for the eye shadows, they are amazing quality and i find that they are way more creamer then the other urban decay palettes! they blend so well! i was surprised.
There is 2 matte colors (limit and nooner) which are mauve pink and i use them for the crease.
all the color is the palette are all pink based. So they are either pink or a rose gold color.
all the colors are absolutely beautiful so here is the pictures to see them!

Overall, i'm glad i got this palette because i don't have a lot of pink eye shadows and all these colors are amazing. i love glitter. And this palette for sure has a lot of glitter to it. The only thing is i wish it had more mattes. But that's what i say about all the Naked palettes. the mattes in there are good enough tho!
so if your debating on getting this just ask yourself if you will wear pinks a lot. is yes, then get it. If no then don't because all the eye shadows are pink no matter what skin-tone you have! for me i didn't think i would wear pinks, but there starting to grow on me! so this palette to me was worth it! (ALSO, you get a 2 sided brush. one flat and one for blended, not like the one in the naked 2, and you get a sample size of all 4 eye primers!) pic down below of brush and samples

 (right to left)
1) Strange (light pink/white highlight color)
2) Dust (pink with alot of pink glitter)
3) Burnout (pink with a pearl sheen, no glitter)
4) Limit ( light mauve pink/ matte)
5) Buzz ( darker pink but with alor of pink glitter and pink sheen to it)
6) Trick ( rose gold)

 (left to right)
1) Nooner (dark matte pink)
2) Liar(  dark rose gold/brown with glitter)
3)Factory (dark brown with a little sheen almost matte)
4)Mugshot (Brown with pink/gold sheen)
5)Darkside (darkest brown with a pink tone to it)
6)Blackout (dark purple/brown with big pink glitter)