Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review: Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

 Smashbox came out with this palette about a month and a half ago and I wasn't to excited when i saw it, because i already have the Urban Decay Naked and the Lorac Pro palette. But one of my co-workers always such amazing eyeshadow with amazing glitter and every time i asked her what it was she ALWAYS said this palette. So i ended up getting up because I'm a sucker for neutrals and glitter. After weeks having it I absolutely love it. I haven't even touched my Lorac Pro palette (which is my favorite palette EVER) or any of my Naked's. so lets get into close of the colors!!!!

Bottom row mattes
M1:  Dark warm tone brown
M2: medium/light brown (prefect for crease)
M3:light brown, not a good swatch but does pull on eyelids.
M4: White matte (prefect for highlight)

Bottom row mattes cont.
Top to bottom (M5,M6,M7)
M5: taupe/ grey
M6: dark grey/brown
M7: matte black

Top row shimmers
Top to bottom:(S1,S2,S3,S4)
*all have huge chunky glitter*

S1: dark brown with gold
S2: gold with gold glitters
S3: Light brown/gold with gold glitters
S4: white shimmer (NO GLITTER IN THIS ONE)

TOP Shimmer row (S5,S6,S7)
S5: light grey with silver glitters
S6: gray with silver glitters
S7: black with silver glitter

The brush that it comes with is this one:

first off, this brush is amazing! the blending part (3rd bottom pic) is the perfect blending brush ever. its fluffy and it natural hair bristles which i think blend eyeshadows way better then synthetic hair. The naked brushes that came in the Naked2 and Naked3 are HORRIBLE. so this bending brush tops them by 100%. For as the flat brush side, this is very unique it has both natural hair bristles and synthetic hairs. The reason for this is because synthetic hair pick up glitter and put the glitter directly to the lid, all the glitter will transfer. Whereas, the natural hair bristles hold the glitter and barley will put any on your eyelid. So for the natural hair side i put down a matte color and then use the synthetic hair to put a glitter on top of it! this brush is amazing and i would buy this brush separate if they sold it separately.

This palette is amazing, the colors go on effortlessly and the glitters and very glittery. I love the fact that it has a row of mattes and row of glitters. But the most unique thing is that the glitter colors go with the matte colors below it. So if you want you glitters to really pick up you but the matte color below it and that glitter on top! As for the brush, its my favorite because its 3 brushes in 1! Also, it does come with a mini full exposure mascara but i lost it haha. but that mascara is great too! so if you love glitters and browns you need this in your life. you not only get the amazing palette but the best brush ever!