Thursday, July 3, 2014

DIY: sugar lip scrub!!

So I was at home bored and decided to make my own lip scrub. I mean I have seen plenty on Pinterest. So I did 2 different methods to see which one I liked better. I'll start by explaining each way. 

1. What you'll need
- coconut oil 
- sugar (white or brown) 
- vanilla extract ( or any scent you like) 

First I put 1 teaspoon of cocnit oil in a bowl. Then I put about a teaspoon of finally extract. Then poured as much sugar as I wanted. If you want it to be a very gentle only do a little, but I wanted a more rough lip scrub. Then I put in freezer to make the coconut oil a little harder. And put into jar! 

What it looked like before freezer 

SECOUND method: (my favirote) 
What you'll need: 
- honey 
- brown sugar 
- coconut oil 
- Vaseline 
- Argan oil 

First I put a teaspoon of honey in a bowl. Then I put a teaspoon of coconut oil and then I used my Josie maran Argan oil, which is what I use to put on my face every night. But this oil is a oil for everything so I added it for moisture! Then I added a small amout maybe a pea size of Vaseline just to make it a little thicker consistency. And lastly just added brown sugar. And again I added a lot to make it a little rough. And I forgot to put the ha ill in the picture but I added a teaspoon of vanilla for scent. 

Overall product! 
Left: 1st method. Right: 2 method 
(This is after in freezer for a couple minutes to make it all solid)

Overall I like the second method because when I scrubbed my lips with it after my lips felt so smooth and moisturized! That Argan oil and honey made them like brand new lips! And it smelt amaziinnggggg. So I would suggest doing the second version!