Thursday, July 3, 2014

Review: Bare Minerals biolucent mineral brightening treatment

Okay so I got this treatment (it's really a serum) in my Sephora gratis a few months back. I didn't know much about the product so I researched it and found that it was a serum that was packed with minerals that is supposed to help with brightening your face. So for redness and dark spots. So I used this for about 2 weeks straight AM and PM and it didn't really do much but break me out! At the time I was on Accutane. Which is a medication for acne and it's very intense. At the time my skin was bullet proof because of the medication. It just makes your body produce normal and perfect skin. Instead of acne prone and oily skin. So when I started to breakout I was really surprised because your not supposed to have breakouts on this medication. So I freaked out and stopped using it because that was the only product I changed in my skin care routine. My other co workers love this stuff and said it really helped with redness and dullness in the skin. But personally I hate this stuff and won't ever try it again! When the product comes out it's a very shiny colorful look. Like the inside of a shell. I think that's because it's minerals for the Caribbean oceans. But who know. And a little goes a long way. It does make your skin very soft but that's the only benefit I saw from it. Where I can get that from a more effective serum. So I would say I wouldn't spend the money on this item. 

This does retail for $55.00

Thank you for reading!😘