Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mario Badescu Skincare Products Review (cleansers, toner, mask, spot treatments)

After watching a bunch of videos on Youtube about how amazing Mario Badescu skincare is i had to try it. I have been using Mario Badescu for about a year now. The first thing i bought was the "acne kit (click here to see)" that came with 3 products. Then i fell in love and bought the other stuff i have! I have honestly fell in love with everything he has, and its so cheap! so let begin!!!

Enzyme Cleansing gel 

This cleanizing gel is very different because its a gel not just a regular cleanser.
This cleanser claims is a refreshing, non-foaming gel that washes away makeup and surface debris. Rejuvenates dull skin with papaya extract, an alpha hydroxy acid that promotes exfoltiation and prevents pore-clogging build up.
I love this because it does wash away makeup, and after you wash your face it feels so clean and brand new. The alpha hydroxy acid exfoliates your skin so you skin is soft and brand new, and you do need to exfoliate a few times a week. So if you use this a few times a week this will be perfect! but you can use this everyday and it wont over exfoliate at all! i love this smel of this too! oh my goshhh, i cant explain hat it smells like but it sells so good!
Also, i use this a few times a week, just because i tryed to use this with my clarasonic but it doesn't work because its a gel and doesn't foam. And for me i feel like a foaming cleaner works best with the clarasonic!

Special Cucumber lotion

This says its a lotion, but this is a toner. its for only OILY SKIN! (idk why they call it a lotion) but i bought this because cucumber helps with calming and soothing the skin, and also helping with redness. This toner claims that it fights against any build-up and bacteria that can cause acne. it also provides pore tightening and antiseptic deep cleansing.
i love this because it literally takes everything off of your face after you wash your face. You may think you get everything off when you wash your face, but when you use this it takes off dirt that you thought you got off. Its amazing! and the smell of this is so good!
but i do wanna say that this has a little bit of alcohol in it, which is usually bad and what you don't want in a toner, but i don't see any problems with it and my skin.

Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater

This spray i cant live without! this is not a makeup setting spray because it has no ingredients that does that. But what i use this for is when I'm done with my makeup i spray this all over my face so it will get rid of that powdery look. Also, i use in through out the day when i just feel hot and sweaty, i just spray this on my face and the coldness and the amazing smell makes that feeling go away. Also this is all natural al organic which i love! and it just smells like rose water, i cant get enough of the smell! also, aloe helps to sooth and calm skin, so if you have any redness or problems this will help!

Silver Powder

When i was at Ulta i was confused by this product, so i had one of the employees explain it to me. To use this product you need to wet a cotton pad and dip it in there and then it will turn into a thick paste. This helps to unclog pores and help with the T-Zone. It will literally pull dirt and blackheads, and clogged pores out. Its kinda gross! but hey you don't want that stuff in your skin! you should use this 3-4 times a week to get the maximum results. And i can say this really works! you leave it on for 10 min ( I do 15 min just because ha) but after that i put on those nose strips and that will pul everything out. Because the Silver Powder will pull everything to the surface. This is a miracle product! if you have clogged pores get this! and it last forever! I've had this for about a year and i use it multiple times a week, and im almost out :(

Whitening mask

This mask i got because i have a little acne scarring and this is said to lighten any dark spots on skin and also helps with inflamed skin. This stuff smells so good! it smells like roses! but this is a THICK paste. So you apply to face and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Also, with this product you do need to use it 2-3 times a week to have it work. and yes it does work! it has lightening my acne scarring an also it makes my skin soft and brand new! i love this product and will re-purchase when this is gone! I've had this for about a year and in not even close to finishing it!

Drying lotion
Now this stuff, where do i begin! this is an absluote miracle in a bottle! im at the very end of mine but this is what its suppost to look like..
As you ca see there is a top brown layer and a bottom pink layer. With this product you DO NO SHAKE IT! you just get a q-tip and go straight in and touch the pink and pull out, then apply to a pimple. The top layer is Salicylic acid, which fights off acne. And the pink is calamine to help dry out the pimple.  You leave it over night and i swear when you wake up and wash it out, your pimple will be GONE! this stuff is absolutely the best product i have ever tried! this i've had for a little over a year and i just ran out (because everyone in my family uses this!) ahah

Buffering lotion

The buffering lotion is a very runny, liquidly product. Its used for cystic acne. Cystic acne is when a pimple doesn't come to a head and just is a ball under your skin. Its very painful and thank god i don't have them anymore! but every once in a while i will get one and the first thing i do is put this on it! this product absorbs into your skin and will dry up anything underneath. I put this on for about 2-3 nights and the cystic pimple will be about gone! which is a miracle becasue if i didn't use this product it would take 1-2 WEEKS! so this stuff is my life saver when i have those type of pimples! if you have cystic acne you need this in your life!
Drying Cream

 This product is for people who have those annoying bumps on your face, but there not pimples or black heads just skin colored bumps. This product is used for under your makeup because it will also act as a concealer, because it covers them! i get those annoying bumps on my forehead and my chin area, and if i use this for a week straight they will be gone! it smells kinda weird but that'll go away when you apply it! but this stuff just dries them up and helps to conceal then for the day (which i love! less concealer) this stuff has lasted my so long! because you only need a little because it spread a lot! if you have those annoying bumps and don't know how to get rid of them you need to try this! its a miracle!
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