Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Worst Face Primers I've Tried....

First, i want to say that i have oily skin on my T-zone and normal skin on my cheeks. So this review is based on my skin type, and my personal preference.

So i dont think these are crappy products, they just didn't work for me!
Also, i didn't try these products for 4-10 times,so my opinions are things that happened everyday i wore it!

1. Mirabella Prime for face and eyes

this primer i got in my Ipsy bag, ant that is a full-sized product. So first you don't get a lot of product, but the one thing i dislike about this product is that it says is a primer for face and eyes. First off, i don't want a primer for my eyes on my face or vise versa! they should be two different product especially made for that certain region its going on! and it also, just didn't work. didn't keep my foundation on any longer then if i didn't wear a primer, or look better longer.
overall just a product i didn't like!

2. Nars Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer

This is a sample size that i got for free at Sephora in a VIB gift set. But i was real excited because NARS is a really expensive brand and has a lot of amazing products! but this primer just didn't work for me! it says its pore refining, and i didn't see my pores look any smaller or anything! the product is very thin, almost watery, and didn't do anything for my face. Not even keep my makeup longer, or apply better. Just a crappy product for me overall! and i was sad because i wanted to like this!

3.Benefit's "girl meets pearl"

 This product i got in a gift set of 3 different travel size products. this primer i wanted to like, but yet again it was horrible! sometimes i like a "dewy" look, which us oily people usually stay away from. But once in a while i will do it, so i thought this product was gonna be perfect! because its a pearl looking product, and gives your face a dewy/glowy look right away! but this was TOO MUCH! like my face looked so pearl it was horrible haha. and i don't know if thats because i have oily skin, and it made it look worse or what! but if you like dewy skin and aren't oily, this will be prefect for you!

4. Bare Minerals Prime Time

I thought this product would be thick, and minize my pores, because all primers that look clear and feel like it has silicone in it usually minize pores. but this when you rubbed it in was so thin and gross! i didnt like anything about it. It didnt do anything for my face or my makeup. It also through out the day made my face even more oily!
so this was a NO NO!

5. Laura Mercier Radiance primer

Again, this was a primer i was so excited to try because Laura Mercier has amazing foundations, and powders, and everything! but the radiance primer does have a dewy/ glowy look to it, and it just made my face look to shiny and dewy. I didn't like it at all, and the pearl to it wasn't helping my oily T-zone! it made my oily like glisten hahah
so again, if you have dry/normal skin and like a dewy look...try this!

6. Pixi Flawless & Poreless

i got this in my Ipsy bag, and this is a mini sized!
but first that name gives a lot of hope doesn't it? 
flawless and poreless? i was like hell yeah! i was excited because ill love anything to make my pores go away, haha. but this just didn't do anything! it looks thick on my hand, but when you rub it in it just becomes thin and disappears on my face. like you cant even feel a difference on your face and with a primer you should feel you skin be smooth right away! but this just didn't and also didn't do anything to change my makeup application or making my makeup stay longer!