Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Best Face Primers I Have Used.......

so over the years of being obsessed with makeup i have come along some amazing primers! but i always like to try new ones, to find that "holy grail" primer. So there are some priers i will be talking about that i don't have right now, but that because i used them all up!(and want to use some others before i re-purchase those) soooo lets begin!.....

1) Chafing Relief Gel

(left is smooth because of primer, right you can see my skin texture)

Yes, you read that correctly! chaffing gel! i know it might be weird to imagine putting that on your face, BUT chaffing gel has the same ingredients  thats in all primer, but a lot more of it! so its pretty much like a super primer! its very thick, which i LOVE! its super cheap compared to high end primers and even drugstore primers. It works just as good, or even better then most primers! It has a lot of silicone in it, which makes your face feel so soft and smooth after, its crazy! i love this stuff and i use this in summer and winter! its prefect for any skin type too! also, this has way more product then any primers on the market!
you can get this at wal-mart or target or any drugstore for about $5.99-$7.99

2) Philosophy Clear Makeup

this is a primer and you can also wear this by itself! if you have good skin, or don't wanna wear makeup that day, you apply this and it will make your lines, and even out texture! I use this stuff as a primer, and it even says on the back to not apply makeup until 2 minutes after application because its that thick!
this stuff is so thick, but thats why i love it. Anything you apply to your face, it will stick like cement! thats why you gotta wait 2 minutes! but right when i apply my liquid foundation it stick and it last so long! even through heat and sweating. This is also 2 oz! all primers are 1 0z, so you get twice the product and you only need a little anyways. Im almost out, but I've had this for over a year! this is my HOLY GRAIL PRIMER!
if you haven't tried this, please do! i live by this stuff!
Only $28.00!

3) Peter Thomas Roth Anti-shine gel

(left is my skin, right is where its applied, and so smooth!)
this is a sample size i got at Sephora, this stuff is perfect for oily skin people! it literally makes me oil disappear on my face! i love this during summer. i will re purchase the big size, because it makes my oil way less! and thats the number one thing us oily people love! so if you have oily skin, you need this! it helps with makeup application and making your makeup stay longer. If you dont have oily skin, then this isn't for you!

4) Smashbox photofinish primer
(smooth on left, where primer was applied, right is my skin texture)

this primer i tried a while ago, and hated it! it made my skin more oily and didn't help with my makeup at all. but i tried it again and LOVE IT! maybe i got a bad one before or something! because this makes my skin so smooth, because of the crap load of silicone in it! a lot of people love this stuff and now i know why! this is for all skin types! it doesn't help with my oily skin, but it helps my makeup stay longer so thats why i love it! 
$10- $36
you can get sample sizes to try first!

5)Benefit POREfessional primer

This primer is a 1 oz bottle, and goes for $30.00, but let me tell you this primer is like magic for me! it literally makes me pores (all over my face) disappear! it leaves your face like a porcelain doll. I used this everyday no matter what, thats how much i loved this stuff! it makes your make apply way smoother, and help keep it on longer, and helps your make look fresh. i love this stuff and swear by it! so if you have pores you don't like, apply this and they will vanish!