Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sephora Perfecting Coverage Concealer Review (on sale!)

(In direct sunlight ). Concealer is on the left. 
 This is sephora Perfecting Coverage concealer. I bought this at my local sephora an it was on sale. And I'm a concealer junkie, so I couldn't pass it up! I chose the color light, because I like the bright under eye look. The total came out to $7! And from my first impression this morning I'm already in love! It's not to thin an not to thick, it does cover amazing! I gives the most prefect airbrush  look after too! Which is always a plus! 
I would say this is gonna be my new favorite and go to concealer. So if you have a chance to go to your local species go and get it for cheap! 
It's well worth the $7 and I would even buy this for the regular piece at $18!