Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Review: L'oreal Voluminous False Fibers Lashes

I bought this Mascara a few days ago, because i asked on instagram on what drugstore mascara people loved. And many said the L'oreal Voluminous, but there was like 10 different kinds! so i went with this one because it said "fibers". Which in my head meant the fibers will build up on my lashes to make them longer.....and i was right!

MY OPINION: Best mascara i have tried! and I've tried plenty at drugstore and plenty of High end mascara (too faced, benefit, and smashbox) and this one is by far the best i have ever used!
it literally build fibers on top of your lashes and makes them super long! and thats what i want in a mascara.
This mascara is also on $7.99! which is super cheap for an amazing mascara!

       Love the gold tube too! :)

    Looks like the soft bristles, but its actually the hard plastic bristles.
   Before ^                         ^ After one coat
 Top row: now mascara
Bottom row: one coat of mascara
(Dont mind my not done eyebrows haha!)

Also, one coat is enough! i usually do like 3 coats of different mascaras to get the results i want, but honestly i only do one coat and don't use another mascara! which is amazing to me, because I'm a mascara girl, that packs on mascara! 
so if you want amazing lashes, get this! i promise you will love it!!