Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Brown Smokey/Cat Eye (Step-By-Step!)

Step 1: apply Soft Ochre paint pot by MAC all over lid (with finger)

(apply tape under lower lash line to the outer edge of your eyebrow)

Step 2: Take Taupe from the LORAC pro palette, with a big fluffy brush and then blend into crease (shown below) v v 
Step 3: after you blend taupe into crease, you then will apply "Sable" with a small flat brush (mines by real techniques) and apply it to the outer crease and on the tape a little V V V (shown below)

Step 4: then with a E25 sigma blending brush blend that out so theres no harsh lines. (below)

  Step 5: then take "espresso: with the same brush and apply outer line and drag up the tape. 
Step 6: then take the same Sigma E25 brush and blend that out very good! VVVV 
Step 7: apply "cream" with a flat brush (mines too faced brush) and apply to lid. 
Step 8: then take "white" with a flat brush and apply to the brow bone for a highlight. 
 Step 9: then i took Maybelline stilleto liquid eyeliner and applied just across my lash line.
Step 10: then drag the eyeliner along the tape how ever long you want it to come out!

Step 11: then connect the two eyeliners and it will be a winged eyeliner! 

THATS IT! practice makes perfect! so don't be disappointed if your doesn't come out great!

CLICK HERE for brushes I've used!